The Tower

The Tower card portrays a tall tower situated on a mountain peak, which is struck by lightning, resulting in it catching fire. Flames burst out of the windows, and individuals can be seen leaping out of them in an act of desperation. These people may be the same ones chained in the Devil card. Their aim is to escape the chaos and devastation within the tower. The Tower serves as a representation of ambition that is founded on weak foundations. Demolishing the tower is necessary to eliminate outdated practices and welcome change. Its insights can arise abruptly through a moment of truth or inspiration.


Meaning of Upright Tower

When The Tower card appears in a Tarot reading, be prepared for unexpected and significant changes that may cause upheaval, devastation, and turmoil. This could take the form of a breakup, the passing of a loved one, financial ruin, health problems, natural disasters, job loss, or any other traumatic event that can leave you feeling physically, mentally, and spiritually shaken. There's no way to avoid it; change is on the way and will disrupt everything in its path. However, trust that this upheaval is ultimately for the best. Just when you think everything is going smoothly, a defining moment may come along and completely upend your life.

Upright Tower: Love

In love, this card suggests an unfavorable sign of heartbreaks or breakups. It indicates a challenging situation that may lead to the termination of a relationship, such as the revelation of an affair or other events that shatter trust. The root cause of this downfall could be attributed to broken trust, deceit, or dysfunctional relationship patterns. Additionally, The Tower card may indicate the presence of abuse or violence, so it is crucial to prioritize your safety and security. Whether single or in a relationship, this card may also bring a sense of abandonment.

Upright Tower: Career

Your career may currently be causing you considerable stress, as indicated by the Tower card. This could manifest as an unexpected job loss or a new position that brings about chaos due to a sudden surge in responsibility. External factors like a new boss or the departure of a colleague could also contribute to workplace mishaps. It's crucial to bear in mind that despite the current frustrations, these temporary setbacks could ultimately pave the way for a more desirable long-term future, such as a job that's better suited to your needs or a more serene work environment.

Upright Tower: Finances

In finance, the Tower warns to exercise caution in managing finances and suggests that it could represent a severe financial crisis, such as bankruptcy. It is advisable to avoid risky investments and start saving for unexpected financial challenges. Immediate action should be taken to ensure sufficient funds are available in case of a potential financial upheaval. In the worst-case scenario, the Tower predicts a catastrophe that could result in a rapid loss of resources, emphasizing the importance of being prepared for any surprises that may arise.

Meaning of Reversed Tower

When the Tower card appears in reverse, it may indicate an impending crisis that you're doing everything possible to prevent from materializing. However, what you may not realize is that these breakdowns can be advantageous in dislodging your dependence on something that is untrue. The Tower stands on a weak foundation and must crumble. Despite the discomfort that comes with destruction, the humility it brings can bring us peace. 

Prepare yourself to become self-reliant as the thing you've relied on may no longer be available to you. Don't view this as an extreme or discouraging transformation; it's an opportunity for you to grow more self-sufficient.

Reversed Tower: Love

In love, the Tower tarot card indicates that accepting the end of your relationship will ultimately benefit you, as it allows you to move forward and start rebuilding your life. Acknowledging that the relationship has run its course is key in coping with the pain that comes with letting go. It takes courage to leave the past behind and work through the emotions that arise, but with time, healing can occur, and lessons can be learned from the experience.

Reversed Tower: Career

In career, it may indicate that despite facing stressful situations at work, you may have successfully overcome them. For instance, if your workplace has recently undergone a series of layoffs or redundancies, you might have been fortunate enough to retain your position. While this may bring a sense of relief, it could also prevent you from discovering true fulfillment in your profession. At times, the Tower card can serve as a catalyst to inspire us to break free from the monotony of our jobs and explore new opportunities. This could be the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons and uncover the possibilities that lie ahead.

Reversed Tower: Finances

In finance, it may indicate that you are trying to avoid a financial disaster, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you should. Instead of constantly struggling and pushing yourself to the limit, it may be worth considering letting the negative event happen and dealing with the aftermath so that you can move forward. For example, losing your job may give you the opportunity and motivation to start your own business, even though it may be daunting, stressful, and challenging. If you are struggling to make payments on a property that is beyond your means, it may be worth returning the keys to the lender and renting instead, as this may be more beneficial for your overall well-being.


When the alarming tower tarot card shows up during a reading, it can be a jarring experience that may cause you to pause. This card typically indicates that significant changes and disruptions are on the horizon. Rather than being intimidated by the card's message, use it as an indication that it's time to pay attention, reflect on important matters, and be willing to adapt to the upcoming changes, as they are inevitable regardless of your preference.

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