The Devil

The Devil tarot card depicts a creature that is half-human and half-goat, with bat wings and the legs of a bird of prey, sitting atop a stone block. Two nude human demons, one male and one female, are chained to the block. The female demon's tail is adorned with grapes, symbolizing materialism, while the male demon's tail ends in a flame lit by the devil's torch, signifying emotional desires. The chains around their necks are somewhat loose, indicating that they may be able to escape and are willingly submitting to the devil's control. The presence of a reversed pentagram above the devil's head serves as a warning that this card is not associated with positive outcomes.


Meaning of Upright Devil

The Devil Tarot card can signify general feelings of sadness or addiction, as well as a sense of confinement or being trapped. This card from the Major Arcana suggests that external factors or circumstances beyond your control may be limiting you and making you feel like a victim. However, it is important to recognize that The Devil creates an illusion of powerlessness. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own actions and the attitudes and behaviors you choose to exhibit. It's crucial to stay determined and not give in to anyone's negativity, criticism, deceit, or mistreatment. You have the power to take control of your life and make positive changes.

Upright Devil: Love

In love, the Devil card represents lust and temptation. This can lead to a desire for hedonistic pleasure and self-gratification. Alternatively, it may simply indicate a pursuit of earthly pleasures. While there is nothing inherently wrong with having fun, it is crucial to avoid hurting others or giving them false expectations. If you are seeking only casual encounters, it is your responsibility to communicate this clearly to your partners. Avoid pressuring anyone who is not interested in your lifestyle. Communication is crucial in these situations. balance and equity in terms of time, devotion, and love given and received.

Upright Devil: Career

In career, if you draw the devil card, you may find yourself juggling multiple tasks simultaneously. During this period, you can expect a higher workload than usual, and you may be faced with unexpected tasks that weren't initially assigned to you or may have taken them on to improve your position. Your ability to handle the workload and your resourcefulness may surprise those around you. However, it is important to remember that this is a temporary situation. To avoid taking on more than you can handle or being burdened with unwanted tasks, it's essential to stay vigilant and monitor your workload as well as how much work you are assigned by your colleagues and superiors.

Upright Devil: Finances

In finance, it may indicate that you're rearranging your finances to cover expenses and should keep a close eye on your transactions. Additionally, it could imply that you're experiencing some anxiety or stress due to making important financial decisions. Despite feeling overwhelmed, remember that you possess resourcefulness, and adapting to changes in your environment will lead to success. The Devil tarot card generally brings positivity and suggests that with composure and rational thinking, any financial challenges will be short-lived. You have opportunities to prosper, so make the most of them.

Meaning of Reversed Devil

Unlike most tarot cards, when The Devil tarot card is reversed, it actually indicates a positive outcome. It represents the liberation from the negative patterns and behaviors that have been holding you back. This card often appears for those who have been struggling with addictions or unhealthy obsessions, and it signifies that they are now gaining control over their lives and breaking free from their enslavement. By being aware of what has been keeping you in bondage, you are now empowered to take charge of your life and move forward. Remember, knowledge is power, and you now possess that power.

Reversed Devil: Love

In love, if you receive the reversed Devil card, maintaining a sense of balance can be difficult. It's possible that you may not realize that your partner feels neglected due to the constant arguments and demands on your time. They may harbor resentment because they feel that they are being ignored, and that everything else is more important than they are. For those who are single, this card could indicate having to make a choice between two potential partners, or being too busy and overwhelmed to prioritize love in their life. It's important to take your time and return when you're ready to make space for romance in your busy schedule.

Reversed Devil: Career

In career, you are currently taking steps to regain control over your career decisions and are implementing necessary changes to prevent future problems. If you have been feeling restricted in your current position, you may be taking action by either leaving an unsatisfactory job or an unfavorable workplace environment, or by making an effort to mend a strained relationship with a colleague. You may now realize that your sense of stability doesn't solely depend on your job and that you can find it within yourself. Pay attention to the transformations that transpire as you rediscover your autonomy.

Reversed Devil: Finances

If you have a past of poor financial behaviors, you might currently be striving to implement the required adjustments to regain control. Additionally, if you have relied on someone else for your material needs, such as a spouse or relatives, you could be experiencing a fresh feeling of autonomy.


The tarot deck contains several ominous cards, and the Devil card is among them. However, it also serves as a tool for identifying our mistakes, self-doubts, or unproductive behaviors. Whenever you encounter this card, it's essential to confront your inner demons with kindness and empathy, and find a way to progress towards a better path. So, instead of avoiding it, face your fears, acknowledge your shortcomings, and strive to grow beyond them.

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