The Star

In the Star card, a woman can be seen kneeling at the edge of a small pond while holding two containers of water. One of the containers is pouring water onto the dry land to ensure its fertility and nourishment, while the lush green land surrounding her indicates that her efforts are paying off. With one foot in the water, the woman exhibits her spiritual abilities and inner strength, while the other foot on the ground highlights her practical abilities and strengths. The central star in the background is surrounded by seven small stars that symbolize the chakras. Additionally, there is a bird perched on a tree branch that represents the holy ibis of thought. The Star card's astrological representation is Aquarius.


Meaning of Upright Star

The appearance of The Star in a reading after The Tower signifies a positive change following a period of turmoil and destruction. You have successfully navigated through numerous challenges and managed to break free from any limiting beliefs that may have held you back before. You are gaining a deeper understanding of your true self, beyond the surface level. You recognize that you are always connected to the Divine and pure love energy, no matter what obstacles you face in life. This new awareness has given you a fresh perspective on your identity and the immense significance you hold.

Upright Star: Love

In love, this card suggests an unfavorable sign of heartbreaks or breakups. It indicates a challenging situation that may lead to the termination of a relationship, such as the revelation of an affair or other events that shatter trust. The root cause of this downfall could be attributed to broken trust, deceit, or dysfunctional relationship patterns. Additionally, The Tower card may indicate the presence of abuse or violence, so it is crucial to prioritize your safety and security. Whether single or in a relationship, this card may also bring a sense of abandonment.

Upright Star: Career

Believe in the attainment of your professional aspirations and maintain a positive outlook towards work, as this can draw attention from others and open up the opportunities you desire. Whether you're seeking a new job or a promotion, the star serves as a reminder to keep your hopes up. Furthermore, if you've experienced stress or hardship at work, the Star symbolizes a time of recuperation and peaceful healing. It is important to take this time for yourself and recover quietly.

Upright Star: Finances

In finance, if you've been struggling with financial problems, there is a solution available to you that can help you regain control. When this card is upright, it indicates that your finances are on the right track, and you can make reasonable purchases at this time. The Star also encourages you to have faith and be optimistic in order to achieve your financial goals. It's important to be grateful for what you have while working hard to secure your financial future, as this will motivate you to continue moving in the right direction.

Meaning of Reversed Star

If you see the Star card in reverse, it suggests that you might be experiencing a sense of hopelessness, feeling lost or uninspired in the vastness of the universe. You may find yourself struggling to cope with life's challenges, which might seem insurmountable, leaving you wondering why you're facing them. To make sense of your current situation, take some time to reflect on your struggles and try to find the lesson or message they might carry. Rather than viewing your difficult journey as a punishment, consider it as an opportunity to grow and learn from the experience.

Reversed Star: Love

In love, the Star reversed suggests that you might have lost trust in the union or that you are concentrating on the flaws while ignoring the positives. You may feel that your relationship has lost a portion of its spark, that it has grown stale and boring, and that there is a connection between you and your spouse. The Star inverted informs you that these issues are fixable, but if you want to move on, you must be willing to mend previous wounds and eliminate any bad karma from the relationship. If you are single, it denotes your lack of confidence in the universe's purpose for you as well as your loneliness. You could believe that the proper person will never come along for you.

Reversed Star: Career

In career, with the reversed Star, it may be likely that your negativity is having an effect on your work. You may no longer feel enthusiastic or creative, because you can only see things in a pessimistic manner. Have your hopes not panned out? Have you given up faith that things can get better? When we despair, we make a bad situation worse, and the will to keep going can be snuffed out. It is likely that though things may be tense right now, it isn’t as bad as you seem to make of it. A change in your approach, perspective or attitude may be all that is needed in order to give you motivation to make positive changes. 

Reversed Star: Finances

In finance, it suggests that you have the ability to overcome any issues you may be facing. Take into account any recent changes in your circumstances and review your financial plans to assess whether they are still effective in helping you achieve your goals. If not, consider making adjustments that are more suitable for your current situation. Don't allow yourself to be consumed by financial worries as it's not all negative.


Whether it appears upright or reversed, the Star card offers valuable insights to learn from. This potent symbol represents a revitalizing hope and a sense of profound abundance from the cosmos, indicating a period of progress and advancement. It conveys a compelling message, and its teachings serve as a guide to personal development.

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