The Hanged Man

This card portrays a man who is hanging upside down from the world tree, supported by his foot, with the tree's roots extending deep into the underworld and holding up the heavens. It appears that the man has chosen to position himself in this way, as evidenced by his peaceful expression. His right foot is bound to the tree, but his left foot remains free. He holds his hands behind his back, forming an inverted triangle. The man is dressed in red pants, representing the physical body and human passion, and a blue shirt, representing calm emotions often associated with saints. The yellow color of his shoes, hair, and halo symbolizes his intellect.


Meaning of Upright Hanged Man

The appearance of the Hanged Man suggests that you may need to adopt a self-sacrificing attitude. It requires relinquishing something that holds value to you in order to receive something else in return. This may entail giving up a cherished possession, dedicating your time, or relinquishing money. Regardless of the resource, you must experience the sorrow of losing it to gain something better.

Upright Hanged Man: Love

In love, it signifies a state of uncertainty, indicating that you may currently find yourself in such a position. If you relate to this, it's possible that you're in a relationship that no longer brings you joy, but you're persevering due to the longevity of the relationship. It's important to recognize that you hold the power to modify your situation. If you let go, it's because you believe that a more suitable match is in store for you. If you're apprehensive, try changing your perspective and utilizing the time when you're single to concentrate on self-improvement. If you're feeling guilty about potentially hurting the other person, remember that they will now have the opportunity to find the love that you're unable to provide. Take your time to contemplate your feelings and be truthful with yourself. If you're genuinely unhappy, it's time to end things.

Upright Hanged Man: Career

The Hanged Man card in tarot can indicate impatience or uncertainty regarding your work tasks. You may feel the need to pause or take a break from your current projects as they have been put on hold, leaving you unsure about what to do next. This card reminds us that there are times when we cannot force a decision or change to happen, and we simply need to wait for the right timing. It is essential to understand that your hard work will pay off eventually, whether it's a response from a business partner, a client's decision, or a significant career move. Therefore, it is crucial to relax and be patient. Additionally, this card could suggest that you're experiencing a significant professional transition, and what appears to be a reversal could be a strategic move to align your path with something more fulfilling for you.

Upright Hanged Man: Finances

The Hanged Man may indicate the need for a shift in viewpoint. In case of financial concerns causing stress, taking a break could offer a fresh perspective. Is it possible to transform a negative circumstance into a chance for growth? Could things be less dire than they seem?

Meaning of Reversed Hanged Man

The Hanged Man card encourages you to halt and contemplate situations from a fresh angle. If this card appears, it could imply that you're conscious of the need to take a break but are unwilling to do so. Instead, you occupy yourself with tasks and projects to stay occupied and divert your attention from the actual problem. Your mind is preventing you from unwinding despite your body and spirit urging you to do so. It's crucial to pause and relax before it's too late. If you neglect this call, the universe will intensify the situation, and you might end up collapsing. Therefore, as soon as you feel the need, set aside some time to meditate and pay attention.

Reversed Hanged Man: Love 

If the Hanged Man tarot card is reversed, it implies that the relationship is mostly irreparable. Although there may be a chance of recovery, it is advisable to question the reason for continuing such a partnership. This card is like a warning signal indicating that tougher times may lie ahead, and it's usually better to end the relationship. If a person who is single receives this card, they should stop repeating the same mistakes in their love life. They may be attracted to the same type of personalities or experiencing the same problems in all their relationships. However, if they make changes, their circumstances will also change.

Reversed Hanged Man: Career

If the Hanged Man is in reverse, you may experience a sense of dissatisfaction with the career sacrifices you have made. Whether you switched careers, took a break for additional training, or used your family time to complete professional tasks, things might not be progressing as planned. It may seem as though the efforts you put in were not worthwhile. This card could also indicate a temporary delay, where you may be hesitant about your next move, causing you to postpone making a decision that could propel you forward. Consequently, you might feel powerless or trapped. To prevent wasting time, it's important to actively engage in your life and take charge of your future.

Reversed Hanged Man: Finances

If you've been considering making a significant purchase or investment recently, your hesitation and uncertainty might prevent you from taking action. This card can also suggest that your investments aren't generating any profits, and not just in conventional financial institutions. For instance, you may have lent money to a relative for education, only to have them drop out. Or you might have invested some of your funds in a side business that turned out to be unsuccessful. The card implies a feeling of lost effort, but you should learn from these experiences to deal with similar situations better in the future.


The Hanged Man Tarot card signifies the act of sacrificing and implies that you may need to relinquish something in your personal life, professional life, or relationships to attain your desired goals.

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