The Justice tarot card is a representation of concepts such as truth, equity, and legal system. As she is seated in her throne, the scales held in her left hand depict the importance of balancing intuition with logic. The double-edged sword in her right hand is a symbol of impartiality. The square on her crown represents the clear and unbiased thinking required for dispensing justice. Behind her, there are grey pillars and a purple cloak, while beneath her red cloak, which is clasped, one can see the tip of a white shoe. This is a spiritual reminder that the outcomes she delivers are a result of the actions taken.


Meaning of Upright Justice

The Justice card embodies the principles of law, impartiality, righteousness, and veracity. Your conduct is under scrutiny and you will face the outcomes of your choices. Unless your actions align with your Higher Self and contribute to the welfare of others, you may be called out to take accountability for your deeds. However, you need not be apprehensive since the Justice card has a nuanced interpretation. Despite any remorse you may feel, this card assures you that you will be treated fairly and without discrimination. Compassion and empathy are integral to the delivery of justice.

Upright Justice: Love

In love, it may indicate that you need to assess the strength of your relationship with your partner, examine your actions towards them. If there is an imbalance, such as neglecting your own needs or lacking values such as honesty, trust, integrity, and love, your relationship may lack the necessary foundation to endure. A relationship built on mutual respect, trust, and tolerance is more likely to thrive. It's important to maintain your individuality while allowing your partner to do the same. If you are single and seeking a partner, these same principles apply. Don't settle for an unbalanced or one-sided relationship. Strive for balance and equity in terms of time, devotion, and love given and received.

Upright Justice: Career

The Justice card can indicate a positive outcome in any workplace conflicts you've been part of, as long as you've acted truthfully, honestly, and fairly. For those who haven't been in such situations, this card serves as a reminder to always act with integrity and take responsibility for mistakes. Though this can be intimidating, others will appreciate your honesty and dedication to truth, which can help your career grow through equitable interactions.

Upright Justice: Finances

The balance in our life is directly influenced by our financial management skills. When it comes to dealing with money matters, the Justice tarot card suggests a particular approach to follow. While it may not provide a glimpse into your current financial state, the card sheds light on effective money management techniques and predicts future outcomes. It is crucial to maintain fairness in all business relationships to ensure a prosperous financial future. Flexibility and adaptability today can yield significant benefits in the long run.

Meaning of Reversed Justice

If the card appears reversed, it can be interpreted in complete contrast, implying unfairness, imbalance, or injustice. An insightful interpretation that is often overlooked is that it represents an obstacle to achieving fairness or inner peace. Additionally, the reversed card suggests that you need to cut ties with relationships that are imbalanced and not benefiting you. Lastly, it may indicate that you will experience negative consequences as a result of someone else's actions, which can feel unjust.

Reversed Justice: Love

If you don't know how to love others, the reversed Justice tarot card suggests that you shouldn't expect love in return. To attract the person you deserve, it's important to change your love habits. If you're currently deceiving or cheating on your partner, be prepared for the possibility of getting caught and facing a strained and potentially ending relationship.

Reversed Justice: Career

The occurrence of reversed justice at work could imply that you're being treated unjustly. It's possible that others are projecting their shortcomings onto you or that someone is deliberately trying to harm you. Whatever the case, it's advisable to proceed with caution and tackle the matter rationally. Refrain from confronting those responsible hastily since the system of justice seems to be working against you. If you haven't been acting with integrity in your professional life, the reversal of justice could be a result of commercial dishonesty.

Reversed Justice: Finances

If this tarot card is reversed, it cautions against taking financial risks and encourages you to prioritize the safety of your funds while being cautious about indulging in unnecessary expenses. It is unlikely that you will receive any financial guidance in the near future, so it's advisable to exercise patience and avoid making impulsive financial choices.


The Justice tarot card symbolizes the principles that regulate one's life, and it may emerge when an individual is facing legal matters in their employment or financial pursuits. Additionally, it may surface during conflicts and, in rare instances, court cases. This tarot card encourages a multifaceted examination of a topic to gain a deeper comprehension.

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