In this depiction, Death is shown as a living skeleton riding a stunning white horse and holding a black flag with a white pattern. The armor worn by Death symbolizes invincibility, implying that Death cannot be defeated. The white horse is a symbol of purity, as Death purifies everyone. Below Death lie humans from all social classes - a king and a pauper - to emphasize that Death does not discriminate based on factors such as race, gender, or class. The bones are the only remnants of the human body after death.


Meaning of Upright Death

The Death card is often the most feared and misunderstood among all the Tarot cards. People tend to panic at the mere mention of its name, fearing that it signifies an imminent end to their life or some other negative outcome. However, the Death card is actually one of the most beneficial cards in the deck. It represents the conclusion of a significant phase or aspect of your life that you have come to recognize is no longer serving you. By taking the time to reflect and contemplate with The Hanged Man, you can make room for something more valuable and significant to come into your life. To move forward and embrace new opportunities, it is often necessary to let go of the past and close old doors.

Upright Death: Love

In love, it may imply that you or your partner are holding onto a relationship that is no longer serving you, or that you are unwilling to let go of certain patterns that are hindering your progress as a couple. The Death card is a reminder that change is inevitable, and it is up to you to either embrace it or resist it. If your relationship is not working, the Death Major Arcana card may be suggesting that you and your partner need to make significant changes and release old patterns or issues. It may also imply that letting go of certain things could be beneficial. However, the problems that the Death card aims to address can be painful to confront. Seeking the help of a relationship counselor may be a wise choice in such a situation.

Upright Death: Career

The upright Death card can indicate that it's time for a career change, especially if you've been feeling disinterested and frustrated in your current job. If you don't take action soon, life may force you to make a change. Although your current job may offer stability and safety, if you're unhappy or unchallenged, staying put may be more costly than leaving. It's important to embrace the changes that are happening and take the leap when an opportunity arises. Remember that when one door closes, another one opens.

Upright Death: Finances

In finance, it can signify an abrupt reduction in income or financial loss. However, it is important to remain optimistic and view this change as an opportunity for personal growth and learning. It is not advisable to ignore financial difficulties, but instead, take necessary steps to adapt and move forward positively. When finances are tight, consider simpler and more affordable activities, such as spending time with loved ones, instead of expensive outings. Remember that with the right approach, financial challenges can be overcome.

Meaning of Reversed Death

The Death reversal indicates that change is necessary, but you may have been resistant to it. Perhaps you are hesitant to let go of the past, or uncertain about the adjustments needed to move forward. However, resisting change and clinging to the past can impede your progress and leave you feeling stuck. It is crucial to reflect on how you approach changes in your life and acknowledge any fears that may be hindering you. Despite feeling afraid, it is important to trust that you are taking the right steps and move forward. Time passes quickly, so resisting change will only lead to regret. The Death card need not be a source of remorse if you heed its message.

Reversed Death: Love 

If the Death tarot card is reversed, it suggests that you may be reluctant to allow changes in your committed relationship. This could be due to a dependence on your partner or a fear of being alone, causing you to hold onto a relationship that has already come to an end. Alternatively, you might be staying in a relationship out of a sense of obligation, even though you no longer have feelings for your partner. Additionally, the appearance of this card could indicate the possibility of an old relationship reappearing and reigniting. If you are single, the Death tarot card is a strong signal that you need to let go of unhealthy habits in order to make significant improvements in your love life.

Reversed Death: Career

Similar to the upright version of this card, there is a push for you to make a change in your job or career path. However, in the reversed position, you may be resisting this transition and choosing to stay in an unhealthy environment with reduced pay or monotonous projects. Change is an inevitable part of our lives, including our careers, and it is important to embrace it rather than avoid it. Holding onto a cycle that no longer serves us can slowly drain us, leading to negative patterns repeating in the workplace. If you tend to self-sabotage, become defensive when making mistakes, or struggle with impostor syndrome, it may be time to let go of these unhealthy patterns to release their grip on you.

Reversed Death: Finances

It's possible that you may experience a decrease in financial resources, which may be difficult for you to come to terms with and adjust to. You may need to modify your spending habits in order to manage through this temporary phase, but you may find it challenging to let go of certain things that you deem necessary. If you don't allow this experience to alter your relationship with your resources and values, you may miss out on valuable lessons. Instead of resisting these changes, try to embrace them so that you can cope more easily.


Although pulling the Death card from a tarot deck may initially cause unease, it actually provides valuable insights into the necessary changes that need to be made in order to facilitate personal growth. Therefore, instead of being afraid of this card during a reading, be open and ready for the changes that will inevitably come.

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