The Temperance card features a winged angel whose gender is not immediately clear, symbolizing gender balance. The angel's feet are placed in water, representing the subconscious mind, and on dry land, representing the material world. The square on the angel's robe contains a triangle, which represents the earthly realm and the holy trinity. The two cups she holds can be used to mix the waters, symbolizing the union of the conscious and subconscious minds, with the water flowing between them suggesting infinite union. This card embodies balance and harmony that comes from reconciling opposites. The card advises caution and careful consideration when exploring new experiences.


Meaning of Upright Temperance

The tarot card frequently symbolizes the search for profound love and soulmates. It depicts a serene partnership established on a flawless equilibrium of love, admiration, faith, and loyalty. In situations where there are obstacles in a relationship, this card suggests that the pair will overcome the challenges that hinder their relationship and progress together. If you're seeking love, this card indicates that you will encounter your soulmate. You're in luck!

Upright Temperance: Love

The Temperance card in Tarot readings is regarded as a highly positive card for those in committed relationships. It indicates that when love, commitment, and respect are in perfect harmony between you and your partner, your relationship will be happy and fulfilling. Additionally, this card signifies the presence of soulmates. If you have been encountering difficulties in your relationship, Temperance indicates that you and your partner will be able to overcome any obstacles together. For single individuals, Temperance suggests that by balancing other aspects of their life, they will be able to attract the right person for a committed relationship.

Upright Temperance: Career

Temperance suggests that you establish work goals today, considering your ability to endure and persist in achieving what you want. The upright position of Temperance in your Tarot deck highlights your diligence and perseverance. Additionally, this Major Arcana card advises you to exercise caution and avoid grabbing the first opportunity if there is a chance for a better one in the future, especially if you anticipate a salary hike or career advancement. Employing patience and balance as your strategies can help you achieve your career objectives. When it comes to your job, you are likely to attain your desired outcome.

Upright Temperance: Finances

In finance, the Temperance card may indicate the need to ensure that your financial behavior is characterized by moderation and equilibrium. This implies that you have been conscientious in saving, while still allowing yourself the occasional affordable indulgence. As a result of consistent and persistent saving, you may gradually accumulate greater resources.

Meaning of Reversed Temperance

If this card appears reversed, it usually indicates an inclination towards excess instead of moderation. Perhaps you're overdoing things, such as exercising, spending, or caring too much about others' opinions of you. It's a common human tendency to struggle with such behaviors, and there's no need to be surprised if you find yourself in this situation. However, this card serves as a reminder that you have the power to initiate change. You can be the catalyst for a more balanced approach to life.

Reversed Temperance: Love 

In love, the reversed Temperance card could indicate disharmony and conflicts arising from an unstable relationship. This could be due to the belief that one partner is prioritizing the other more or the feeling that the love and respect are not reciprocated. The relationship may be marked by disagreements and a lack of communication, leading to hostility rather than working together to solve issues.

Reversed Temperance: Career

In career, it could indicate an unstable or challenging work environment. This may be due to overworking or underworking, conflicts with colleagues, or ignoring constructive criticism. To address the issue, you must examine yourself and regain balance in your life. Are you excessively focusing on work, neglecting other aspects of your life? Do you often stay up late hoping to achieve success, or do you struggle with procrastination, which can lead to frustration among your coworkers?

Reversed Temperance: Finances

Do you have a tendency to constantly indulge in luxurious purchases or are you extremely thrifty and never allow yourself any small pleasures? It is probable that neither of these approaches are sustainable in the long run. The former prioritizes immediate satisfaction over future comfort, while the latter neglects to reward oneself for hard work. It is important to strike a balance between both present and future well-being, taking into account your financial goals. Find a comfortable middle ground that prioritizes your overall well-being.


The temperance tarot card holds significant power, whether drawn upright or reversed, and implies a transformative journey ahead. It's essential to heed the card's guidance, as it always has your best interest in mind. If you do so, you will ultimately end up where you need to be, and the experience may not be as daunting as you initially thought.

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