Queen of Cups

The emotional realm is governed by the Queen of Cups, who sits on a throne at the ocean's edge. Water is often associated with the unconscious and emotions, and her location between land and sea represents the intersection of thought and feeling. She grasps a cup with angel-shaped handles that remains sealed, signifying the unconscious thoughts within us. The queen is situated in solitude, affording her the space to reflect. The peaceful waters and sky reflect her serene mind. Not touching the water with her feet illustrates her ability to observe her emotions and thoughts from a detached perspective.

Meaning of Upright Queen of Cups

The card carries several positive omens for the future, especially regarding the remarkable psychic aptitude of the individual it pertains to. Typically, this person is a highly wise and intelligent woman, who possesses the ability to perceive the secrets of the universe and the hidden realms that surround us. Her strength lies in her capacity to transcend the mundane distractions of the physical world, making her a formidable presence. She is also incredibly selfless and prioritizes her family above all else. Additionally, she excels at demonstrating empathy, caregiving, and providing moral support.

Upright Queen of Cups: Love

The presence of the Queen of Cups in a reading suggests a relationship that is sturdy and secure. This card represents a partner who is genuine and affectionate, which provides a firm basis for the relationship. Moreover, it indicates that both individuals are fully devoted and involved in the relationship. For those seeking romantic love, this card serves as an encouraging omen, as it suggests that the upcoming relationship will be immensely satisfying and bring happiness to both partners.

Upright Queen of Cups: Career

The Queen of Cups card encourages you to assess if your current job meets both your material and emotional needs. It may suggest that pursuing a career in the helping industry, like nursing, counseling, healing, arts, or fashion, could be a good fit for you. Alternatively, it may signify that a stable and supportive female figure may offer you career guidance and emotional support. Overall, this card emphasizes the importance of prioritizing emotional well-being and professional growth, both for yourself and your colleagues.

Upright Queen of Cups: Finances

At present, you might be utilizing your financial means to support others. The presence of the Queen of Cups could imply that your compassionate nature is driving you to provide assistance to someone in need, be it a charitable cause, a relative, or a friend. When this queen appears in this context, it serves as a reminder that money isn't the only important factor. It would be unwise to prioritize financial concerns over other aspects of your life.

Meaning of Reversed Queen of Cups

When the Queen of Cups Tarot card is reversed, it often indicates a lack of emotional maturity on a larger scale. It may also suggest that you are being moody, unhappy, or overly sensitive, particularly if things don't go as planned. This Minor Arcana card warns you not to become resentful or vindictive in such situations. Instead, it is important to keep working towards your goals and avoid giving in to feelings of resentment or jealousy. If the Queen of Cups is reversed, it could indicate the presence of a woman or feminine figure who is weak, directionless, or superficial.

Reversed Queen of Cups: Love

The quality of your love life could be impacted due to your difficulty in regulating your emotions. Instead of thoroughly examining your instincts, you tend to let them affect you on a surface level which leads to emotions like insecurity, jealousy, and distrust. Even though you possess remarkable intuitive abilities, it's essential to explore them comprehensively before letting them guide your behavior. Additionally, it's crucial not to let your empathy and compassion turn you into a pushover. If you don't establish a way to safeguard yourself, especially with romantic partners, people might take advantage of you.

Reversed Queen of Cups: Career

In the context of your career, if the reversed queen of cups appears, it may indicate the presence of emotional issues that you are dealing with at work. The current projects you are working on or the work environment may be emotionally draining. Often, our exhaustion stems from neglecting our own needs. The queen of cups is known to prioritize the needs of others over her own, making it challenging for her to prioritize her own needs. Perhaps you have been too focused on pleasing your colleagues, clients, or boss that you have disregarded your own happiness. It is essential to take some time to care for your emotional well-being for the time being.

Reversed Queen of Cups: Finances

If you draw the reversed Queen of Cups card, it may suggest that you should pay attention to your emotional well-being and how it impacts your financial stability. While engaging in a little retail therapy or shopping may help temporarily, it's important to address the root cause of any underlying sadness. Additionally, be careful not to overextend yourself financially, as your natural empathy and caring for others may lead you to take on more than you can handle. If the reversed Queen of Cups appears in a career-related context, it could indicate that you're experiencing emotional difficulties at work.


The Tarot card of Queen of Cups is a tranquil and formidable symbol that may appear in your Tarot card reading. It signifies your intuitive capabilities and encourages you to rely on them. Moreover, the card indicates that you possess a kind-hearted and empathetic nature, but if you become overly fixated on your close ones, you might end up losing them.

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