Page of Cups

The Page of Cups symbolizes the unforeseen burst of creativity that arises from our unconscious mind, often in ways that may be mysterious to us. Depicted on the card is a young person standing on the shore, donning a blue tunic embellished with floral patterns. They are holding a golden cup and wearing a bohemian-style beret and a long, flowing scarf. The appearance of a fish leaping out of the cup startles the person, almost as if they were a character in a fairy tale. The fish's gaze and attempts to interact with the individual prevent them from either drinking from or toasting with the cup.


Meaning of Upright Page of Cups

The Page of Cups urges you to tap into your childlike spirit and believe that anything is achievable. This tarot card is encouraging you to embrace your creativity and self-expression, which is a theme that each Page represents in its unique way. To explore this aspect of yourself, you could try enrolling in an art class, reading materials on emotional communication, or delving into the development of your intuitive abilities. You may find that your imagination runs wild and you become captivated by seemingly minor details. Don't be afraid to display your feelings and be open with your emotions.

Upright Page of Cups: Love

When the Page of Cups appears upright in a tarot reading, it suggests that you have the support of Cupid in matters of love. You can expect a variety of opportunities to arise in your romantic life, filling your heart with excitement and youthful emotions. This card encourages you to embrace your youthful spirit and enjoy the freedom of exploring your emotions, sharing them openly with others. If you are already in a committed relationship, the Page of Cups may indicate a rekindling of the passion and enthusiasm that characterized the early stages of your partnership. Embrace this opportunity to feel young and alive again!

Upright Page of Cups: Career

The Page of Cups represents a person who is highly imaginative, sensitive, and creative. When it comes to career readings, this card can indicate a strong inclination towards artistic fields such as fashion, music, poetry, and art, where the individual can utilize their innate talent to create something unique. Due to their difficulty in verbalizing their emotions, creative pursuits become their preferred medium of expression. However, it's important to keep in mind that these individuals tend to have a tendency to daydream, so it's essential to put in the necessary effort and take action to materialize your goals. While it's important to pursue your dreams, it's equally important to ground them in reality.

Upright Page of Cups: Finances

In finance, it may suggest indulging in fantasy or impractical hopes regarding finances. Rather than depending on high-risk options like the lottery, it may be more beneficial for your future to focus on achievable objectives and strive towards them gradually. Though this card predicts good news regarding money, it's important to conduct thorough research before making any significant decisions. The Page of Cups also serves as a warning to avoid relying solely on your lack of experience or knowledge when entering into business deals.

Meaning of Reversed Page of Cups

When the Page of Cups tarot card is reversed, its symbolism signifies the opposite of its upright position. This may bring unfavorable news or misfortune and can indicate unreciprocated love or failed romantic endeavors. Cancelations of plans, projects, or social events may also occur. Emotional turbulence may lead to disharmony and pain in your life, which may originate from within yourself or from others around you. It is important to safeguard yourself against potential attacks while also avoiding lashing out at others. Be proactive in preparing yourself to deal with these challenges.

Reversed Page of Cups: Love

Experiencing disappointment, heartbreak, and drama is not uncommon in romantic love. If you encounter the Page of Cups, it may indicate that you are involved with someone who is either unwilling to commit or already committed to someone else (which is the worst-case scenario). Despite the likelihood of heartbreak, it is important to approach these situations with maturity, resisting the urge to act impulsively, stalk, or create unnecessary drama. Do not make any individual the focus of your life and instead practice patience, mindfulness, and caution. Only accept the best for yourself.

Reversed Page of Cups: Career

Have you encountered challenges in managing your emotions while at work? The Page of Cups may imply that you have been acting unprofessionally or allowing your emotions to overpower you. It's common to experience unfamiliar feelings when we're in new environments, and it may be difficult to channel them into constructive outcomes. If you work in a creative industry, the reversed Page of Cups can also signify that you've been struggling with creative blocks. However, if you can recall the initial reason you were drawn to your profession, you will overcome this hurdle as well. Seek out sources of inspiration to rekindle your passion.

Reversed Page of Cups: Finances

It's important to manage your emotions and avoid impulsive decisions when facing financial setbacks. Don't let your emotions control you and take risky actions. If you've been avoiding the reality of your financial situation, it's time to confront it rather than running away. You can learn valuable lessons from the experience, and denying the truth will only postpone the inevitable.


The Page of Cups tarot card suggests the need for emotional awareness and balance in both personal and professional situations. It can indicate a period of emotional growth and creativity, but also the possibility of being overwhelmed by emotions or struggling with creative blocks. By staying true to one's passions and seeking out inspiration, one can navigate through these challenges and ultimately find a deeper sense of fulfillment.

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