Knight of Cups

Depicted on the card is a youthful knight, known as the Knight of Cups, who elegantly rides a white horse and carries a cup, seemingly acting as a messenger. In contrast to the Knight of Wands or the Knight of Swords, the Knight of Cups is not galloping, but rather progressing at a steady pace, creating an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. The white color of the horse signifies spirituality, purity, and enlightenment, while the horse itself symbolizes drive, vitality, and strength.


Meaning of Upright Knight of Cups

Receiving the Knight of Cups card in a tarot reading indicates good news and suggests that the person depicted has a captivating personality that draws others to them. Despite projecting strength and assertiveness, they have a gentle heart and prioritize the safety and well-being of their loved ones. Their defensive nature is rooted in a desire to protect, rather than attack. The card also suggests that the individual is highly romantic and skilled in making their partner feel valued and important, which is a rare quality.

Upright Knight of Cups: Love

The card of Knight of Cups represents romantic proposals, indicating that if you're single, you may meet someone special soon. If you're already in a relationship, you may expect a proposal, engagement, commitment ceremony, or marriage from your partner. It's fortunate for you as your partner is romantic and sensual, and you can look forward to an extraordinary love story. So, be ready for some exciting times ahead!

Upright Knight of Cups: Career

The appearance of the Knight of Cups is a positive sign in terms of career development, as it signifies the possibility of receiving excellent news or a promising opportunity. If you are anticipating a response regarding a job or course application, this Knight may represent a successful outcome. Additionally, it could indicate the potential for unexpected offers. When the Knight of Cups appears, it suggests that things are likely to be going well in your professional setting. Even if there is any office unrest, you should be able to manage it with tact and diplomacy, while any discussions about major agreements are expected to proceed smoothly. If you are still searching for a career that aligns with your passions, the Knight of Cups recommends pursuing something in a creative or artistic field. It could also imply that utilizing your creativity could be beneficial in resolving any issues you are experiencing in your work environment.

Upright Knight of Cups: Finances

Your ability to empathize, show compassion and mediate difficult conversations can be advantageous in managing your finances at present. By utilizing this talent to maintain harmony, any conflicts relating to money are likely to be resolved. In case you have been experiencing financial stress, this card indicates that you might need to adopt innovative solutions to tackle your problems. Nonetheless, you are likely to overcome your challenges by thinking outside the conventional approach.

Meaning of Reversed Knight of Cups

When the Knight of Cups appears in reverse, it suggests a remarkable skill to extricate oneself from a difficult circumstance without the use of physical force, but instead by employing emotional manipulation and assigning blame. This card may also indicate a phase in life where one might be inclined towards irresponsible behavior, which could prove to be disadvantageous in the long run. However, incorporating some organized activities into one's routine can help achieve a balance between pleasure and responsibility. This card commonly signifies defensive tendencies, which may be extreme and lead to the alienation of one's support network.

Reversed Knight of Cups: Love

If the Knights of Cups is reversed, it indicates bad news regarding love. You might encounter someone who appears to be ideal or too perfect, but unfortunately, they are likely to be a deceitful, unfaithful, or heartless person. It's important to protect your heart and be cautious. Additionally, if you're continuing to stay in a relationship that no longer holds any emotional significance for you, it's probably because you're benefiting from it in some way, such as comfort or social status. Your partner may not have recognized this yet, but when they do, the relationship dynamic will shift.

Reversed Knight of Cups: Career

When the Knight of Cups appears in reverse, it may indicate a person who is both moody and manipulative. In terms of one's career, it may signify missed opportunities resulting from procrastination. A tendency to shy away from necessary actions due to mood swings could be hindering one's advancement. This avoidance of conflict is causing roadblocks in the path to progress. Additionally, a creative and intuitive block may be the root cause of missed opportunities.

Reversed Knight of Cups: Finances

The knight of cups in reverse indicates that one might be a passive spectator in their own life. In financial matters, it implies a lack of decisive action. This card also suggests that one's expectations may not materialize as planned. One may have hurriedly invested all their resources in a single endeavor, only to be disappointed by the result. It is crucial to conduct thorough research before making any significant purchases or investments.


The Tarot card Knight of Cups presents you with the desired invitations. Be it a marriage proposal, a job offer, or moving to a new place, this card encourages you to seize the opportunity. Embrace these opportunities and follow your heart.

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