The card portrays the last judgment as imagined in various mythologies, with men, women, and children rising from their graves in response to Gabriel's trumpet call. Their open arms suggest readiness to face universal judgment and meet their creator, where their deeds will be evaluated to determine their eternal destination. The massive tidal wave in the background symbolizes the inevitability and finality of judgment. Pluto, the ruler of the underworld, governs the Judgement card, and it shares similarities with Death in reminding us that all things must end and new beginnings will emerge.


Meaning of Upright Judgement

In its upright position, the Judgement card is encouraging you to embrace a higher level of consciousness that will serve your best interests. You are currently having a spiritual awakening and gaining a deeper understanding of your true purpose. This represents a significant advancement for you on a cosmic level! When the opportunity arises, be ready to seize it. Stay alert to subtle signs and changes in your environment. Embrace the new version of yourself and let go of the old one.

Upright Judgement: Love

It's a good time to examine your romantic life and identify areas that require modification. The Judgement tarot card suggests a period of introspection and analysis triggered by a realization. Matters that you previously disregarded in your love life might become apparent now, and you have the opportunity to adapt. Maintain honest communication with your partner and ensure that you both understand each other's desires. Even small adjustments that you make together can significantly impact your relationship. Your past actions and their repercussions, whether positive or negative, are catching up to you at present. If you've made errors in the past, utilize the lessons you've acquired to make changes for the future.

Upright Judgement: Career

The Judgement card in an upright position can indicate that you're being evaluated or assessed, perhaps even for a promotion you didn't realize you were in the running for. If this card appears, it's important to be mindful of how you present yourself, as there may be someone keeping an eye on you. It's a good time to take action on projects or ideas you've been procrastinating on so that you don't miss out on any opportunities. You may be experiencing a shift in your career path or discovering a new passion or purpose. This could require making changes to your job role or even your place of employment.

Upright Judgement: Finances

The Judgement card's advice regarding finances is to exercise caution and avoid impulsive decisions. It is crucial to gather all the necessary information before making any significant purchases or investments. You should refrain from reckless actions that could lead to problems, such as careless driving, and ensure that your insurance is up to date. Additionally, this card can indicate a potential loss in a legal matter related to money. Regarding your attitude towards money, it may be necessary to reflect on your financial habits and assess if they are negatively affecting your situation. Are you frequently buying things that you cannot afford? Making the necessary adjustments to improve your financial situation may be necessary.

Meaning of Reversed Judgement

The reversed Judgement tarot card implies that you need to examine your actions and choices carefully, as they may be producing negative outcomes. It is crucial to avoid hasty decisions at this stage of your life. Take time to ponder your options and make wise choices. If you're struggling to make a decision, it aligns with the message of the reversed card. Use your best judgement, even if it requires more time or feels uneasy.

Reversed Judgement: Love

When reversed in matters of love, this card suggests a change of heart resulting from uncertainty about oneself. This could apply to either you or your partner. If your partner is the one experiencing self-doubt, it's possible that you might misjudge them and make unfounded accusations or spread unkind rumors. Furthermore, your partner might be the target of malicious gossip, and it's important to exercise discernment when deciding whether or not to believe it, as it could potentially lead to the end of your relationship. For those who are single, it's important to be bold and express your feelings. While you may feel timid or fearful of rejection, it's essential to remember that living in fear means only half-living.

Reversed Judgement: Career

In career, the reversal of the judgement suggests that you are at a pivotal moment in your career where your actions could either lead to success or failure. Although you must make a decision, your self-doubt has left you feeling paralyzed. It's crucial not to hesitate at this juncture. Seize the opportunities that are available to you, as you may regret missing out on them. Perhaps you've been overly critical of yourself lately. If you've made mistakes at work, it can be challenging to forgive yourself and move on instead of dwelling on your disappointment. As a result, your self-assurance may be negatively impacted by this experience.

Reversed Judgement: Finances

In finance, if you have recently experienced a financial setback, you might be quite self-critical at the moment. While it is essential to learn from your mistakes and make responsible choices, it's also beneficial to show yourself kindness to stay motivated. However, the Judgement card in reverse indicates that you could be repeating the same financial decision patterns. It's essential to recognize which end of the spectrum you are on.


The Judgement Tarot card signifies "outcome" or "conclusion." When it appears in your Tarot reading, it suggests that you can expect a result in your romantic life or relationships. If you are feeling unsure about what lies ahead, this card indicates that the answers you seek will be revealed soon.

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