The World

The tarot deck's World card features a central dancing figure holding a wand in each hand and crossing one leg over the other. This figure represents movement, balance, and evolution. The unity and fulfillment she embodies are dynamic and everlasting, rather than static. The green wreath encircling her signifies success, while the red ribbons suggest infinity. Additionally, the card's four corner figures, which also appear in the Wheel of Fortune, represent Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus. They symbolize the harmony between the elements, evangelicals, and corners of the universe.


Meaning of Upright World

When The World card appears in your tarot reading, it indicates that you are feeling a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. You are currently relishing the feeling of finishing and succeeding after a long project, studying period, romantic involvement, or professional undertaking has come to a close. This card may signify graduating, getting hitched, becoming a parent, or fulfilling a long-held aspiration. You have finally accomplished your purpose or mission. All the necessary elements are in place, you are taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals, and everything is in order. You feel a sense of wholeness.

Upright World: Love

If you're currently in a relationship, this tarot card indicates that you have successfully achieved the objective you've been striving for. It represents a contented and devoted relationship in which both partners are actively working towards and accomplishing their goals as a team. On the other hand, for those who are single, there is no need to lose hope. This is the ideal moment to step out and interact with new individuals as there will be numerous possibilities available. This is an opportune time for you to discover your ideal partner. In terms of romantic relationships, positive developments are on the horizon.

Upright World: Career

Did you recently achieve a major career goal that you had been striving for, only to find out that the rewards are not as fulfilling as you had expected? Or did you fall just short of your target despite your efforts? The World card in reverse suggests that you are nearing the end, but there may still be a few critical elements missing. It's possible that reaching this goal was not difficult because your ambitions were too narrowly focused on other people's definitions of success, or because you had set your standards too low. Now is the time to reassess your goals and make any necessary adjustments.

Upright World: Finances

After putting in considerable effort to achieve your financial objectives, it's time to relish the rewards. Maybe you've cleared some debts, secured your future through savings, or acquired a significant item through your savings. Take pride in what you've achieved and acknowledge yourself for it. Now is a good time to contemplate future long-term goals. The World card also symbolizes completeness, so take some time to assess how your finances factor into the larger scheme of your life.

Meaning of Reversed World

The reversed World card suggests that you have a desire to resolve a personal matter, but you are struggling with emotional ties to a past relationship. Perhaps you are longing to move on, but the thought of letting go is daunting. It's like trying to fit into old clothes that no longer suit your current body shape. Accepting your current situation and moving on from the past requires you to let go and find closure. This can be a challenging journey that may require the use of various techniques such as writing, visualization, energy work, and counseling to help you navigate it alone.

Reversed World: Love

Your relationship is currently characterized by stillness, lack of movement, and absence of noise. Having a quiet relationship is not necessarily a negative thing. However, if you aspire to personal growth and feel stuck due to your partner, or if your relationship seems stagnant, this card advises you to be transparent and invest effort in changing the situation. By communicating openly and honestly, you can get back on track. If you are single, your relationship prospects will be influenced by whether or not you allow others into your life. It is necessary to socialize and meet new people. With numerous online options available nowadays, all it takes is a simple "hello" just a click away.

Reversed World: Career

Did you achieve a significant career goal that you had been striving for, only to discover that the benefits are not as gratifying as you anticipated? Or did you come close to accomplishing your desired outcome but fell just short? The reversed World tarot card suggests that you are approaching the end of your journey, but you may be missing some vital elements that would truly satisfy you. It's possible that your goals have been influenced by external expectations of success, or that you have set the bar too low and reaching the target was not challenging enough. This is an excellent opportunity to reassess your aspirations and make any necessary adjustments.

Reversed World: Finances

If you receive the reversed tarot card during a financial reading, it could indicate that your finances are not growing, and you may need to take steps to improve your situation. It is important to avoid risky shortcuts, such as gambling or get-rich-quick schemes, and instead focus on consistent hard work and determination to achieve financial stability. Even if you feel comfortable with your current financial situation, you may still be stuck in a state of stagnation due to your attachment to material possessions. It may be necessary to reevaluate your priorities in light of the reversed World card.


The World Tarot card signifies the concept of "completion." This card has a positive connotation and is generally considered favorable for Tarot readings related to love or relationships. Its interpretation predicts a joyful future and positive outcomes. It denotes the conclusion of a particular phase in your life, signaling the start of a new one.

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