The Sun

The Sun card embodies a sense of hopefulness and contentment, signifying the emergence of light after a period of darkness. It represents the life-giving force of the sun, which is responsible for sustaining all life on Earth. In the foreground of the card, there is an image of a carefree child playing joyfully, symbolizing the elation that one experiences when in harmony with their authentic self. The child is depicted as being naked, indicating their complete transparency and openness. Furthermore, the card conveys the idea of childlike innocence and absolute purity, as exemplified by the white horse on which the child is riding. The horse serves as a representation of strength and nobility.


Meaning of Upright Sun

The upright Sun symbolizes success, intelligence, and abundance. It provides you with bravery and a guarantee that your enthusiastic and optimistic spirit will be with you at all times, bringing you happiness and satisfaction in everything you do. Your positive outlook on life and ability to bring warmth to others make you attractive to those around you. This beautiful and loving energy will support you in achieving your goals and navigating challenging situations. Moreover, you have the opportunity to showcase your strengths and achievements to others. Share your true self and values, and spread your affection to those close to you. Let your identity shine and radiate your positive energy to the world.

Upright Sun: Love

This tarot card is the key to experiencing pure happiness, great joy, and complete bliss in your relationship. It signifies that you will encounter an unprecedented level of love and passion during this period, with the sun shining upon every aspect of your life. However, it is important to acknowledge that even those we know well may harbor hidden traits, and thus the possibility of getting hurt exists. Nevertheless, The Sun represents honesty and transparency, allowing you to make a clear decision on whether to work things out or start anew. Trust in the fact that everything is happening for your benefit, and have faith that the decision you make will lead to better things in the future.

Upright Sun: Career

The Sun signifies tremendous success in your career or job. You will have a positive outlook and feel enthusiastic about upcoming changes. You will be well-prepared and capable of completing any task assigned to you. Even if you are not considering a job change, the appearance of The Sun card indicates that you will achieve your objectives and succeed in your current work. This could lead to becoming an expert or authority in your field or reaching a specific level of proficiency. For students, The Sun card could indicate receiving a college scholarship or other financial assistance.

Upright Sun: Finances

Currently, you may find your financial state to be satisfying and fulfilling. The tarot card of The Sun indicates a sense of appreciation, prosperity, and joy, which is especially relevant in the domain of finances. Additionally, The Sun symbolizes illumination and transparency, bringing to light any concealed aspects concerning your monetary affairs that may have gone unnoticed.

Meaning of Reversed Sun

When the Sun tarot card is reversed, a sense of pessimism pervades, but this doesn't necessarily mean that all the positivity of the upright position is completely negated. Rather, it suggests that one may be more receptive to feelings of sadness and negativity. Instead of experiencing excitement and joy, one may feel a lack of enthusiasm and their days may seem mostly gloomy, even though everything around them appears to be going well. In fact, when the Sun is reversed, one may be experiencing an exaggeration of all the positive attributes associated with the upright position. For example, instead of feeling confident, one may become overconfident or even arrogant. Instead of feeling empowered, one may feel power-hungry. And instead of feeling successful, one may feel invincible. These tendencies do not typically lead to happiness, and even though one may appear successful, they may not feel in harmony with it.

Reversed Sun: Love

If you're in a romantic relationship, the reversed Sun card may indicate feelings of abandonment by your partner, a loss of passion, a failed relationship or postponed wedding, or struggling to envision a future together. It could also suggest competition or a desire to outdo each other. Spending quality time with your partner and focusing on the positive aspects of your relationship can help rekindle the flame and remember why you started dating in the first place. On the other hand, if you're single, the reversed Sun card could indicate that your ego is getting in the way of finding a partner, as constantly boasting may push potential companions away. It's best to be yourself and tone down your ego to attract a genuine connection.

Reversed Sun: Career

In career, it may indicate a sense of being trapped or limited by one's profession. However, it is possible to break free from this feeling of oppression. For instance, if you're working long hours and feeling drained, you may need to take a break to recharge. In addition, the reversed Sun card may suggest that you're not achieving the success you desire due to a lack of self-confidence and missed opportunities. Alternatively, you may have unrealistic job expectations or rely too heavily on positivity without taking practical steps towards your goals.

Reversed Sun: Finances

In finance, it may indicate that your concerns are temporary and not as severe as you originally thought. However, it's important to ensure that the choices you make regarding your finances are based on solid reasoning and thorough research. The reversed Sun card may also suggest that you should be cautious of being excessively optimistic and unrealistic. While it's good to be optimistic, it's essential to keep your expectations in check while remaining hopeful.


To summarize, regardless of whether the sun card appears upright or reversed during a tarot reading, its meaning is never negative. Instead, it can provide guidance, direction, and empowerment. If you receive this card, it is a fortunate sign, indicating that you are likely to experience a positive change. Ultimately, this is a desirable outcome that many seek.

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