The Hermit

In the Hermit tarot card, we see an elderly man standing alone atop a mountain, clutching a lantern and a staff in each hand. The mountain signifies achievement, growth, and triumph, while the Hermit symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and a willingness to share his wisdom with others. He is deeply dedicated to his objective and possesses a clear understanding of the route he is pursuing. Within the lantern, there is a six-pointed star known as the Seal of Solomon, which represents intelligence, and the staff he wields embodies power and control.


Meaning of Upright Hermit

If The Hermit card shows up in a reading, it suggests that you should spend some time alone in order to tune in to your inner self and search for the answers that you already possess. This could involve acting as the wise hermit figure or seeking guidance from a mentor-like individual in your life. This card is often associated with the need for both physical and mental space, where physical solitude is essential for achieving mental clarity.

Upright Hermit: Love

In love,  The Hermit suggests that it's important to take a break and reflect. If you've recently ended a relationship, it advises against rushing into a new one. Instead, take the opportunity to fully absorb the lessons learned from the previous relationship, and focus on self-discovery, understanding your own desires and needs. For those already in a relationship, The Hermit may indicate the need for both partners to engage in honest and vulnerable communication, with the help of a couples or family therapist if necessary, to explore these questions together.

Upright  Hermit: Career

In career, you might be taking a much-needed break to contemplate your career aspirations. You may feel a sense of dissatisfaction and a realization that the current trajectory you're on is not fulfilling. Your objective is to determine what kind of work would bring you complete happiness. If your professional pursuits have been primarily motivated by financial gain or security, you may find these factors no longer adequate. Perhaps you're seeking a purpose or, at the very least, a direction towards achieving it. It might be beneficial to use this downtime to reevaluate your career goals and consider if your current path is truly the best fit for you.

Upright Hermit: Finances

In finance, at this moment you might be recognizing that money doesn't bring you happiness. It's a good opportunity to shift your focus away from material possessions and instead, focus on identifying the things that can bring you genuine fulfillment. Money may not be sufficient to provide long-term satisfaction, particularly if you're working in a job that doesn't appeal to you. Take some time to reflect on whether you're genuinely content with your current circumstances, or if you're merely maintaining the status quo.

Meaning of Reversed Hermit

If the Hermit Tarot card is reversed, it suggests that you may have isolated yourself excessively or may be about to do so. The reversed Hermit advises you to reconnect with the world and the individuals around you, even if you once found solitude to be necessary or helpful. While spending time in self-reflection and introspection can be advantageous in moderation, excessive indulgence in such activities can be detrimental.

Reversed Hermit: Love

In love, The Hermit reversed may suggest that you feel isolated and disconnected from your partner, either physically or emotionally. To revive your connection, what steps could you take? On the other hand, if you are single, The Hermit reversed may indicate that it's time to start dating again or be more open to meeting new people.

Reversed Hermit: Career

In career, the reversed Hermit card may indicate a shift from a period of introspection to a desire to reintegrate into society with a clearer vision for your career aspirations. This could involve activities such as seeking out new job opportunities, networking to find mentors and collaborators, or engaging in other social aspects of career development. However, it's also possible that the period of solitude may continue, and you may choose to work independently or avoid collaboration altogether. While working alone may initially feel freeing, it's important to still maintain social connections for support. In some cases, this card may also suggest being forced to work alone, resulting in feelings of isolation or being ostracized by coworkers.

Reversed Hermit: Finances

If you're considering seeking guidance for financial matters, it's a good sign that you've already taken time to reflect on the significance of financial stability and wealth to you. Applying the insights gained during this introspective period can help improve your overall financial well-being, fostering a healthier relationship with your financial circumstances.


The Hermit tarot card holds great significance as a representation of self-reflection, personal exploration, and knowledge acquisition. Its presence in a reading typically suggests the need to turn one's attention inward and concentrate on oneself, since the solution to one's question or dilemma may already lie within.

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