This tarot card depicts a woman calmly gripping the jaws of a fully grown lion, indicating her dominance over it. Despite the lion's menacing appearance, the woman controls it with grace and composure, embodying the qualities of being disciplined and in control during challenging times. The woman's gentle yet firm hold on the lion's jaws conveys her courage, love, and compassion. The blue background behind the mountains suggests stability and tranquility that accompany stability. The lion represents human feelings of courage, passion, and desire that are essential for survival but need to be restrained to avoid causing harm.


Meaning of Upright Strength

If you receive the Strength card in an upright position during your tarot reading, it indicates that you possess inner strength and resilience to navigate challenging and stressful situations. The card suggests that you have the capacity to remain composed and sturdy even in the midst of great difficulties. Additionally, it implies that you have a kind and caring nature, always willing to prioritize the needs of others over your own.

Upright Strength: Love

When the Strength card appears in a love tarot reading, it may indicate that you are about to enter a passionate and intense romantic relationship. However, this also means that your relationship could be susceptible to emotional outbursts, anger, and jealousy. There are both advantages and disadvantages to being in a relationship of this nature. On the other hand, the Strength card can represent compassion, empathy, and inner strength, which can attract the ideal partner or strengthen the bond with your existing partner. Developing empathy can provide insight into your own and your partner's needs and vulnerabilities. During moments of conflict or heated discussions, it's advisable to show kindness and patience to each other rather than allowing anger to take over.

Upright Strength: Career

By tapping into your primal instincts such as anger, drive, and passion, you can propel your career forward. However, it's important to not let these instincts overpower you, but rather to work alongside them or direct them towards productive goals. The card suggests that you already possess the necessary talents and skills, but you just need to summon the courage to take bold actions. If you're seeking a promotion, find ways to stand out. If you're considering a career change, take the leap and pursue it. And if starting your own business is your dream, push yourself to take the necessary steps and begin.

Upright Strength: Finances

If you have successfully managed to control your impulsive spending, it's probable that you are now in a comfortable financial position. As long as you keep practicing self-control, you should be alright. Additionally, you might be prepared to make daring purchases or invest your funds in something you have always desired.

Meaning of Reversed Strength

If the Strength card is reversed in a tarot reading, it may indicate that you are currently encountering or will soon face strong feelings of anger or fear. It suggests that you are lacking the usual inner strength that the card represents, indicating that you might be struggling with apprehension, a lack of certainty, and confidence in your own capabilities. As a result, you may have neglected your passions and the happiness, contentment, and satisfaction that come with pursuing what you love.

Reversed Strength: Love 

When Strength is reversed in a love tarot reading, it may suggest that there is some level of codependency in your relationship, possibly stemming from feelings of insecurity that make it challenging for you and your partner to pursue your own interests independently. However, it is important to remember that being individuals with your own lives can actually enhance your partnership rather than diminish it. Trust is crucial in any partnership, and it's essential to ensure that it's strong in your relationship. Additionally, a reversed Strength tarot card in a love reading can indicate that themes of force and power are emerging, with one partner possibly becoming more dominant instead of empathetic and understanding. Therefore, it's crucial to make sure that one partner's needs are not being neglected in favor of the other's.

Reversed Strength: Career

Are your career aspirations being hindered by your fears? The Strength card in reverse indicates that you may possess all the necessary tools to achieve success, except for a sufficient amount of self-confidence and self-belief. You may frequently doubt yourself, allowing your worries and lack of faith in yourself to dominate and obstruct your progress towards advancing your career. By introspecting, you may discover that you are more competent than you think. Therefore, have faith in your own capabilities, and others will also have confidence in you.

Reversed Strength: Finances

It's advisable to refrain from impulsive spending as it could have a greater negative impact on your financial state than usual. On the other hand, this card may indicate a reluctance to spend money on things that could be beneficial to you presently, despite having ample funds. You may experience a sense of financial instability, irrespective of your true financial status. 


The Strength Tarot card represents the power of the human spirit to face adversity and come out stronger on the other side. It reminds us that our greatest strength comes from within, and that we have the ability to conquer our fears and overcome any challenge that comes our way. 

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