Three of Swords

The Three of Swords, which is an iconic image in tarot, portrays a heart that floats and is penetrated by three swords, while being surrounded by heavy clouds and a downpour in the background. The symbolism in this card is not easily decipherable, but its emotional impact is immediate. The heart represents warmth, affection, and spirit, while the three swords represent the ability to cause harm, inflict pain, and create suffering to the object it pierces. This image is a representation of grief, loss, and literal heartbreak, with the clouds and rain emphasizing the gloominess of the situation. All these symbols point to the Three of Swords representing a period of great despair in one's life.

Meaning of Upright Three of Swords

When the Three of Swords card appears in your reading, you may feel uneasy due to the gloomy picture it portrays. Unfortunately, this card does not bring good news, but it is worth noting that challenging situations can have silver linings. In the upcoming days, you may experience emotional turbulence, anxiety, and stress. The card suggests that the source of your difficulties lies in emotional struggles, which may also manifest as physical upsets. Despite the heartache, resist the urge to isolate yourself from your loved ones. They are your support system, and you need them now more than ever. Remember, although the current situation may seem bleak, it is temporary. Change is inevitable, and it is essential to remind yourself of this because brighter days are ahead.

Upright Three of Swords: Love

If you are seeking insight into matters of love or currently in a relationship, the appearance of the Three of Swords is an unfavorable sign. It signifies sadness, heartache, distress, and conflicts. While it does not necessarily indicate the end of a partnership, it does suggest that there are significant obstacles that must be overcome for the relationship to thrive. It is crucial to communicate openly and honestly with your partner in a respectful manner, rather than resorting to arguments, hurtful comments, or blame, as this will only exacerbate the situation.

Upright Three of Swords: Career

Currently, your job may be causing you stress, frustration, and sadness. In extreme cases, it could even result in sudden unemployment or the failure of the company. Alternatively, it might indicate some sort of interpersonal conflict with colleagues or clients. If you find yourself in this situation, it's crucial to engage in honest and respectful communication with your coworkers. This could be an opportunity for everyone to learn from each other. If you're searching for work or have recently lost your job, the process may feel discouraging. However, if it's feasible for you, consider taking the time to recover from this trying period. Doing so could help you approach your job search with a more positive outlook.

Upright Three of Swords: Finances

You may currently be facing a loss of material possessions or experiencing financial stress due to a breakup. This can include the need to divide assets in the case of a divorce or the difficulty of affording your apartment on your own. These challenges may seem daunting, but it is important to be compassionate towards yourself while also addressing these issues in a timely manner. Seeking assistance is advised, as you have the ability to overcome this situation.

Meaning of Reversed Three of Swords

In many situations, the reversed Three of Swords tarot card has a more optimistic interpretation. If it appears upside down during a reading, it often suggests that your issues are gradually dissipating. The sense of hopelessness and letdowns that were once pervasive in your life have transformed into possibilities and positive emotions. The turmoil in your life is subsiding, and as your vision becomes clearer, you are slowly resolving your internal struggles. Regaining emotional equilibrium and getting your life back on course is a satisfying experience.

Reversed Three of Swords: Love

The reversed three of Swords tarot card can bring about a resolution of conflicts and a willingness to forgive in romantic relationships. Those involved may be motivated to heal and leave past wounds behind, while focusing on the future. For single individuals, it may signify the ability to let go of past heartbreak and be fully present in their dating life. However, there are instances where the card can suggest the opposite outcome. Past wounds may remain unhealed and repressed, leading to lingering resentment between partners. In such cases, it may be best for both parties to move on.

Reversed Three of Swords: Career

The work environment is experiencing a positive shift as workplace conditions begin to improve. This has led to an improvement in your overall outlook and happiness, and previously stressful disputes are beginning to be resolved. It's possible that the argument has been forgotten by your coworkers, or the person who caused the issue has moved on. The focus at work may now be on moving forward collaboratively and leaving the past behind. Communication has also improved, and new procedures may have been implemented to prevent past mistakes from reoccurring. However, it's important to note that depending on the cards surrounding it, this card could also indicate a negative shift in conditions. Some individuals may still hold grudges and remain unhappy, preventing the workplace from fully moving on from previous issues.

Reversed Three of Swords: Finances

The reversed three of Swords could indicate a positive change in your financial situation if you have been struggling with money problems. You may notice an improvement in your savings or find that your finances are more stable than before. However, this card could also imply that the emotional distress related to a financial setback is becoming more severe. If you have experienced a significant loss, it may be challenging for you to adjust your spending habits or adapt to a new way of life. Denying the reality of your circumstances often makes a tough situation even more difficult.


The Three of Swords is a tarot card that is typically associated with heartbreak, sorrow, and emotional pain. It often represents a significant loss or betrayal in a person's life, whether it be a relationship, a job, or a financial setback. However, the reversed Three of Swords suggests that healing and recovery are possible. It could indicate that the pain is starting to subside, and the person is moving on from the situation.

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