Three of Cups

In the Three of Cups, three youthful women are illustrated dancing in a circular motion together. They are shown lifting their cups up high in the air to express their elation and contentment while commemorating a particular event. The women are gazing at each other with respect, admiration, and satisfaction, and they share a deep emotional connection. They support and uplift one another during difficult times. The ladies are positioned on a ground covered with fruits, flowers, and a pumpkin that symbolize prosperity, plentiful celebrations, and other positive aspects.

Meaning of Upright Three of Cups

The Three of Cups tarot card represents triumph, celebratory occasions, and harmony, symbolizing companionship and robust social relationships. In a tarot reading, if this card appears, it usually refers to individuals with whom you share a strong connection and deep bond. During the upcoming weeks, you are likely to enjoy the company of good friends, delightful feasts, and cheerful festivities. Additionally, it serves as a reminder to seek support from those closest to us during challenging times since sharing our troubles lessens the burden for everyone.

Upright Three of Cups: Love

In a love Tarot spread, the appearance of the Three of Cups can suggest different scenarios depending on your relationship status. For those who are single, it may indicate the possibility of reconnecting with a past romantic interest or experiencing a surge of potential partners after a period of solitude. However, if you are currently in a relationship, this card could be interpreted as a sign of upcoming celebrations such as an engagement, wedding, or baby shower, and you can expect to enjoy happy moments with your partner. Another possible interpretation is that you and your spouse may attend multiple parties or anniversaries.

Upright Three of Cups: Career

In career, it suggests a period of festivity related to your career and job. This celebration can arise from either receiving a promotion or appraisal at work or graduating from an educational program. Furthermore, this card can also symbolize a constructive and favorable work atmosphere. If you are contemplating expanding your business, seeing this card in your reading can be an encouraging sign. It indicates that you are likely to seal many successful business deals.

Upright Three of Cups: Finances

In finance, it may indicate that you are experiencing great financial abundance, which can be very exciting. However, it is important to maintain your composure during this time. You may also find that social connections are more important to you now than ever before. While you may have the ability to be generous, it is important to ensure that your wealth lasts. Enjoy your success, but also be responsible with your spending. The Three of Cups suggests that there will be a boost in sales or profits in your business or project, although you may need to collaborate with others to achieve this. There is no need to worry about financial concerns as they will be resolved quickly. Just be careful not to overspend on celebrations or events.

Meaning of Reversed Three of Cups

When reversed, the Three of Cups indicates a feeling of dissatisfaction with important aspects of your life. This tarot card suggests that you are struggling to maintain harmony in your family, work, and other areas. Additionally, it may signify feelings of betrayal. On the other hand, the inverted card could also indicate that you are becoming more aware of the need for change. It may suggest that building a community or working in a team is the most effective way to achieve your objectives. The most intriguing aspect of this card is that if you seize the opportunity to collaborate, it will be a valuable and beneficial experience.

Reversed Three of Cups: Love

When this card is reversed, it suggests that you may encounter a brief yet passionate relationship. However, if you enter a relationship at this time, it may fizzle out quickly as you both become more familiar with each other. For those who are already in a relationship or married, be prepared for the involvement of a third party. This interference could result in conflicts and disagreements between you and your partner, ultimately affecting your relationship.

Reversed Three of Cups: Career

In career, it could indicate that colleagues or team members who seem cooperative may actually be attempting to undermine a project in order to damage your reputation. Additionally, it may suggest that there is a lot of office gossip circulating, so it's best to stay focused on your work, maintain a professional demeanor, and avoid giving the rumor-mongers any fodder. Lastly, it could also signify that a product launch or marketing campaign has been delayed or didn't go according to plan.

Reversed Three of Cups: Finances

The reversed three of cups can indicate financial strain, often in a social setting. If you have been spending excessively on social activities or events, such as a wedding or birthday party, it is important to be mindful of your budget. It is possible that unexpected expenses may arise, causing further financial strain. While the upright three of cups may also suggest some concern, the reversed card's warning is more severe. It is crucial to avoid overspending and giving beyond your means. Though celebrations may be tempting, losing track of your financial progress in this way is not beneficial in the long-term.


The Three of Cups card symbolizes joyful celebrations, social gatherings, and the happiness that comes from being with loved ones. It evokes strong emotions. However, if the card appears reversed, it may indicate feelings of isolation and loneliness. Therefore, it is advisable to seek companionship and engage in activities with others to avoid this negative experience.

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