The Lovers

The Lover card shows a man and a woman standing in a garden, with an angel hovering above them. The man and woman are naked, symbolizing their openness and vulnerability, and they stand facing each other, with their hands clasped in a gesture of intimacy and connection. The angel above them represents divine guidance and protection, and its presence suggests that this union has the blessings of the universe. The garden in which they stand represents a fertile and abundant environment, symbolizing the potential for growth and creativity that can arise from a strong relationship.

Meaning of Upright Lovers

The Lovers tarot card upright typically signifies a deep and meaningful connection between two individuals, often representing a romantic relationship but can also indicate a strong platonic bond. This card represents the harmony and balance found in a loving partnership, and can indicate a union of two complementary forces.

Upright Lovers: Love

In love, the appearance of the Lovers card in a tarot reading can be a positive sign. It suggests a harmonious union and a balance of energies between two individuals. This card represents a compatible pair who work well together. However, the Lovers card also conveys the concept of choice, particularly the choice to commit to a relationship, which can raise questions about one's level of commitment to love. This choice may involve sacrificing other important aspects of one's life, such as work, family, or friendships. The underlying idea is that love requires sacrifices, but making sacrifices for the right person can lead to personal growth. The decisions and sacrifices that need to be made can apply to both oneself and a current or potential partner.

Upright Lovers: Career

In career,the Lovers card can indicate a need to consider your career path, such as deciding whether to switch to a different field or to focus on improving your skills in the current one. Even though it may seem like you only have unappealing options, it's important to gather all the necessary information before making a decision. This card may signal a significant change in your job or a shift in your employment circumstances, which may not be what you want initially, but could ultimately benefit you. This is a favorable time to explore financial opportunities, as luck may be on your side.

Upright Lovers: Finances

In finance, the Lovers card implies the need to make significant financial choices. You may find yourself facing a decision between two major expenses, with the understanding that you cannot have both. Your choice between one option or the other may result in closing the door to another opportunity, and the consequences of your decision may have long-term consequences.

Meaning of Reversed Lovers

When the Lovers card appears reversed in a tarot reading, it typically suggests a lack of harmony or balance in a romantic relationship. This could indicate a potential breakup, conflict, or betrayal in the relationship. It may also signify a difficult decision regarding a relationship, such as choosing between two partners or deciding whether to stay or leave a relationship. On the other hand, the Lovers card reversed may also indicate a lack of alignment in one's values or goals. This could suggest a feeling of being disconnected from oneself or from the things that matter most. It may also signify a need to reevaluate one's choices or decisions, particularly in matters related to love and relationships.

Reversed Lovers: Love

In love, if the Lovers card appears in reverse, it may imply a lack of warmth in your relationship. The equilibrium that was once present is now disrupted, and there may be an obstacle preventing your relationship from progressing, which must be resolved to re-establish a closer bond. Moreover, the reversed Lovers card may also suggest a fear of commitment. This could be a phase where you have multiple potential partners, and your dating life may be active. Although it can be exciting at first, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of choices you have to make in order to form a lasting partnership. It may be necessary for you to reflect on your emotions, acknowledging both your fears and desires, in order to move forward.

Reversed Lovers: Career

In career, when the Lovers card is reversed, conflicts among colleagues or business partners may arise, requiring extensive discussions to reach a mutually acceptable decision. One team member may be carrying the weight of the workload due to another's lack of motivation, leading to a drag on team productivity. While the card can indicate a romantic relationship at work, its reversal suggests potential trouble and unforeseen consequences if pursued.

Reversed Lovers: Finances

In finance, your impulsive financial decisions may put your long-term financial security at risk. Are you prioritizing immediate gains over making prudent choices? It's important to recognize that satisfying your short-term desires can result in negative consequences later on. The reversed Lovers tarot card in the context of finances suggests imprudence and hasty judgments, as well as a focus on material possessions and quick gratification. Remember to take accountability for your decisions and use them as learning experiences. It's worth noting that financial decisions have both mental and physical impacts.


This intricate card is rich in subtleties and is particularly useful for exploring one's self and identifying areas in life where personal needs may have been overlooked. Its purpose is to encourage us to scrutinize our decisions, so that we can present ourselves to the world and our loved ones with genuine authenticity.

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