Six of Swords

In the Six of Swords, there is an illustration of a boat being rowed in the water, carrying a woman and a child to a distant land on the opposite side. The woman and the child are seen with their backs turned towards us, indicating that they are leaving something behind. The woman is wearing a cloak over her head, which suggests that she might be escaping from something and needs to conceal her identity. This suggests that she is undergoing a great deal of loss or sorrow. The card symbolizes change and loss, but also moving towards a better future. The six swords alongside the boat represent the dominance of the rational mind over the heart and intuition.

Meaning of Upright Six of Swords

The upright Six of Swords suggests that you are currently undergoing a transition, which is accompanied by feelings of dissatisfaction and remorse. This shift may have been caused by your previous choices, and in order to move forward, you must release something from your past. Although it may be challenging to let go of something that holds sentimental value, it is crucial to remember that moving forward is essential for your future. It's natural to feel sad during this period, but it's important to keep in mind that the pain will eventually subside. Letting go of attachments is a common occurrence in life.

Upright Six of Swords: Love

When the Six of Swords appears in a love tarot reading, it may indicate the conclusion of a struggle. This could mean ending a relationship or moving on from a painful period in your current relationship and working towards reconciliation. Regardless of the situation, it suggests a strong desire to move away from the past and towards a brighter, albeit unknown, future. For those who are single, it could represent a willingness to let go of a part of themselves that may have hindered their ability to accept love. If you've been nursing old emotional wounds, the Six of Swords tarot love interpretation may provide a sense of relief, as you may finally be prepared to leave them behind.

Upright Six of Swords: Career

It's possible that you're leaving a difficult phase of work behind and moving into a more relaxed one, which may make you feel peaceful and relieved. Your projects should be making steady progress, and this can be a refreshing change from the past. Occasionally, this card may also indicate that you have recently switched to a job or role that suits you better. Looking ahead, it suggests that work is starting to become less hectic, and you may be transitioning to a simpler phase of your professional life where you have everything under control, accomplish your objectives easily, and complete tasks effortlessly. Alternatively, you may have switched to a job that is significantly more suitable for you.

Upright Six of Swords: Finances

The Six of Swords card in a financial context indicates a shift away from financial challenges as you move forward from your past. This may result in an improvement in your financial situation and a reduction in the amount of stress you feel. It is important to remember past experiences and to keep a close eye on your finances in order to achieve and maintain material stability. Taking responsibility and being proactive in preventing future financial issues is preferable to being trapped by them. Additionally, if you have been struggling with financial difficulties, the card may also signify overcoming hardship and finding relief from financial problems.

Meaning of Reversed Six of Swords

The reversed Six of Swords is generally associated with perilous waters, lack of progress, and recklessness. When this tarot card appears in a reading, it can signify feeling trapped, overwhelmed, and restricted with nowhere to escape, or it may indicate standing your ground. The appearance of this card in a Tarot spread suggests that turbulence is imminent, as it symbolizes instability, upsetting situations, and tumultuous relationships. Additionally, the card denotes a gradual healing process. The reversed Six of Swords may also indicate a disrupted or canceled vacation or travel, a change or abandonment of plans, or elopement with someone. There could also be potential mishaps or flooding related to water.

Reversed Six of Swords: Love

The reversed Six of Swords tarot card's love interpretation suggests that you're struggling to let go of something. Despite your attempts to move on from the past, it still has a strong grip on you. Even though you may acknowledge that leaving the past behind is the healthiest option, you're being compulsively pulled back. You might find yourself staying in an unfulfilling relationship by reminiscing about happy memories, unable to move on from a toxic ex, or held back by past insecurities that prevent you from fully embracing your love life. It's important to identify what's holding you back and assess if it's worth sacrificing your potential happiness in the future.

Reversed Six of Swords: Career

If the Six of Swords card appears in your tarot reading session, it could indicate a tumultuous time at your workplace. It's possible that you may become the target of a sabotage attempt or feel trapped in a job that you despise. Your plans may be altered, projects may be delayed, or tasks may take longer to accomplish. This card could also suggest that any business travel abroad may be postponed or canceled. Despite your efforts, it may seem impossible to escape work-related issues. The stress, arguments, and conflicts that occur at work could harm your mental well-being. Even if you desire to resign, you may feel trapped in your current position and unable to find a more suitable one.

Reversed Six of Swords: Finances

In a tarot card reading, receiving the reversed Six of Swords suggests the possibility of evading financial challenges. However, this is not the appropriate moment to avoid dealing with them. Even though you may feel uncertain about managing your financial situation, seeking professional assistance and putting in some effort may assist you in gaining control. The reversed card also indicates feelings of being overwhelmed and uncertain about how to handle your finances.


Things are beginning to shift now, although it's uncertain whether it'll be for the better or worse. Maybe you'll embark on a journey, host someone, or receive a message - whatever occurs, you're gradually emerging from the difficult circumstance you were in not long ago.

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