Six of Cups

The Six of Cups card represents the happiness of reminiscence, the coziness of one's dwelling, and the purity of childhood. It displays six cups containing white flowers and features two kids in the foreground. One child is passing a cup to the other, symbolizing the exchange of customs and joyful reunions. The setting appears to be a castle, which likely provides the children with a sense of safety and solace.


Meaning of Upright Six of Cups

Six of Cups can be defined as a representation of nostalgia. It symbolizes the influence of past experiences, particularly those from childhood, on one's current state. When this card appears in a tarot spread, it pertains to reminiscing about childhood memories and significant past occurrences. Additionally, if an individual has faced obstacles in life, this card offers the idea of protection and family support. However, it can also have negative connotations such as homesickness, child abuse, or immaturity.

Upright Six of Cups: Love

The Six of Cups, holds great significance in love as it brings back memories from the past. This card may indicate revisiting previous relationships or experiences and feeling nostalgic about them. You might be fondly reminiscing about happy times, cherishing the comfort and familiarity of your partner, or even encountering an old flame. When upright, the 6 of Cups may suggest a time of healing and the need for comfort. Reflecting on the positive moments you shared with your partner and reliving them can be very soothing, especially if your relationship has been challenging. However, it's important to avoid getting stuck in the past and instead, use your past experiences to shape your future.

Upright Six of Cups: Career

The Upright Six of Cups Tarot is a promising indication for career-related matters. Its symbolism conveys positive attributes such as creativity, generosity, and collaborative practices that can aid in advancing one's career. The card suggests that it is an opportune moment to engage in collective or imaginative projects. Reflecting on past accomplishments and shortcomings can also provide valuable insights for professional development. Therefore, it would be beneficial to contemplate on what worked well and what did not. Additionally, the Six of Cups Tarot interpretation proposes the possibility of collaborating with young individuals or undertaking ventures involving children.

Upright Six of Cups: Finances

The Six of Cups card's benevolent energy has potential implications for your financial situation. It may indicate a generous gift, a donation, or a willingness to share resources. This card is also associated with childhood and home, suggesting that such sharing could be coming from family members. You might be returning to your parental home, enabling you to save more of your own money and bask in the warmth of your loved ones. Alternatively, you may be the one welcoming family members back into your own home, and together you share resources.

Meaning of Reversed Six of Cups

The reversed Six of Cups Tarot card implies that it's time for you to move on from your past and embrace new beginnings. Regardless of whether your past was pleasant or distressing, living in the present can promote personal growth and satisfaction. Consider the Six of Cups Tarot as a chance to develop and advance by acknowledging previous patterns. Additionally, the meaning of the Six of Cups Tarot suggests that you may have lost touch with your inner child, and your life may feel monotonous, dull, and unexciting. It's time to broaden your horizons and modify the things that are causing you to feel stagnant.

Reversed Six of Cups: Love

If the Six of Cups is reversed in a relationship reading, it suggests a lack of enthusiasm or ardor in the relationship. Enhancing your romantic relationship can be achieved by resolving childhood problems and eliminating juvenile behaviors. For individuals who are single, despite feeling prepared and willing to move on from the past, there may still be a desire for an ex-partner. This desire can result in seeking out partners who resemble the ex, causing relationship letdowns. To find a partner who appreciates you for who you are presently, and to stop evaluating them against your ex, it is necessary to let go of this behavior.

Reversed Six of Cups: Career

The reversed Six of Cups in a career context may indicate that your current role is causing you to feel unenthused or uninterested. You might consider leaving your stable and secure job in pursuit of a more artistic venture or to work with vulnerable individuals who have suffered trauma or are underserved in some way. However, while this may be fulfilling, it could also be emotionally draining, so it is important to prioritize your personal well-being. The interpretation of this card's reversed meaning and its significance in your work's sublimation phase are open to discussion.

Reversed Six of Cups: Finances

When in an upright position, the six of cups represents one's childhood and past recollections. However, when reversed, it indicates a readiness to embark on a journey alone. Typically, this card is associated with individuals who still reside with their families but aspire to move out. It is a symbol of financial maturity, indicating that you have acquired the necessary skills to save and manage your finances while possessing the discipline to establish a life of your own. Although these transitions can be daunting, they are vital, so embrace the liberty that it presents!


The Tarot card known as Six of Cups represents innocence and nostalgia. When this card appears in an Upright position, it indicates a return to past memories and reliving happy and naive moments. However, if the card appears in a Reversed position, it suggests a different interpretation. It implies that one is becoming trapped in the past, leading to behavior that is childish, immature, and unrealistic.

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