Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands card depicts a man standing atop a high hill, facing off against opponents below. He appears to be both defending his position and striking back in response. What's noteworthy about the Rider-Waite version of this card is that the man's shoes don't match, which is symbolic of being on unsteady ground or lacking a stable foundation in one's life.


Meaning of Upright Seven of Wands

The meaning of the Seven of Wands shares similarities with the Five of Wands, both suggesting challenges following the initial satisfaction of an event. Nonetheless, the Seven of Wands conveys a distinct message; it pertains to the obstacles you must overcome to preserve your standing rather than to achieve it. The card highlights the difficulties that come with maintaining success, and it urges you to prepare for the competition that arises when defending your position and proving your worth. Given that others are also vying for the same outcomes, staying ahead of them is crucial.

Upright Seven of Wands: Love

In a love tarot reading, when this card appears, it may be necessary for you to establish limits, despite the possibility of discomfort. If you're currently in a relationship, you could encounter a situation where you need to defend your bond. Other individuals, such as family members, potential rivals, or friends who disapprove of your pairing, may express their objections. To sustain your relationship, you may need to put forth a significant amount of effort, even when various external factors seem to be working against you. Nevertheless, you might feel confident that this is the correct course of action. Hang onto this conviction because it will keep you motivated when things become challenging.

Upright Seven of Wands: Career

The upright position of the seven of wands tarot card signifies that challenges and persistence are crucial factors, and this also holds true for your career. Despite its potential to be unsettling and intimidating, this card does not necessarily have negative connotations. Instead, it serves as a heads-up to be prepared for forthcoming obstacles and face them with determination and commitment. Therefore, consider this card a cautionary signal and use it as motivation to overcome any hurdles that may arise.

Upright Seven of Wands: Finances

The Minor Arcana tarot card signifies financial prosperity and achievement. It suggests that your investment will bring you a windfall, either through a past investment yielding profits or a future one proving to be fruitful. Your financial acumen is commendable as you are aware of the transient nature of financial stability and are taking measures to secure your future.

Meaning of Reversed Seven of Wands

If the Seven of Wands appears reversed, it suggests that you may be experiencing a sense of being overloaded by frequent challenges or new obligations that come with your new role. The constant busyness and pressure may be making it difficult for you to appreciate the good things in your life. You may be struggling to see beyond the immediate difficulties and feel as though everything is a struggle. Consequently, you might be comparing yourself to others frequently, leading to self-doubt and a feeling of vulnerability and inadequacy.

Reversed Seven of Wands: Love

Excessive defensiveness could be detrimental to your relationship. The love interpretation of the reversed Seven of Wands tarot card implies that the relationship you're fiercely protecting may not be as stable as you think. It's possible that those around you can perceive this, and they might be worried about you. Despite their concerns, you may be disregarding them and refusing to acknowledge the truth due to your love for your partner. On the other hand, even if you and your partner have genuine feelings for each other, external factors might make it increasingly challenging to maintain your relationship.

Reversed Seven of Wands: Career

If the Seven of Wands reversed appears in your career reading, it could indicate that you're struggling to maintain your footing and protect your position against competitors. Your rivals are posing a threat, and you're feeling frustrated because you're unable to stand firm. This may be due to inadequate preparation or planning, which you should have done before achieving your goals. You need to strategize how you'll safeguard your position and demonstrate your capabilities to others. Your failure to prepare is preventing you from defending your past successes, principles, and values.

Reversed Seven of Wands: Finances

If you come across the seven of wands, be cautious of indulging in frivolous activities. Avoid becoming too confident in your financial stability, as economic downturns are a common occurrence. The card serves as a reminder to be mindful of your spending habits and focus on saving for the future, regardless of your income level. Even if you feel tempted to spend money on unnecessary purchases, it is not advisable, especially during uncertain times.


This card advises you to stay focused, be persistent, and trust in your abilities to succeed. In relationships, the Seven of Wands indicates a need to establish boundaries and assert your needs, while in career matters, it suggests that you must work hard to maintain your position and reputation in the face of competition.

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