Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords card portrays a man slyly fleeing from a camp while clutching five swords, while two swords lay on the ground behind him. The card connotes themes of deceit, betrayal, and evasiveness. The man's expression exudes confidence, indicating his belief in the success of his sword-stealing mission. However, the card's image also reveals a group of soldiers on the left who have detected the theft, with one soldier raising a flag or weapon to signal their pursuit.

Meaning of Upright Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords typically symbolizes actions or behaviors associated with deceit, falsehood, betrayal, lack of integrity, and absence of moral principles. Additionally, this card may indicate tactics involving psychological manipulation, strategic planning, slyness, deceitful allies, and undercover operatives. As a member of the Minor Arcana, it suggests that the person is prone to taking risks, being courageous, daring, and ahead of the game. The Seven of Swords can also be interpreted as a representation of adaptability, resourcefulness, creativity, strategic planning, and excessive reliance on logic.

Upright Seven of Swords: Love

If you're in a relationship and receive the Seven of Swords card during a tarot card reading for love, it could be a sign of trouble ahead. The card may imply dishonesty, betrayal, lying, or even cheating, which could lead to infidelity in the relationship. However, it's important not to jump to conclusions as this card can indicate various forms of deceit, not just cheating. It's possible that one of you is concealing their true feelings or attempting to manipulate the other. The Seven of Swords can also represent false friends or a third party trying to harm your relationship, so be cautious.

Upright Seven of Swords: Career

There is a possibility that some untrustworthy individuals are part of your workforce. Deceitful behavior and falsehoods may take you by surprise. You may have to confront colleagues who are spreading gossip about you to your superiors, criticizing your performance, or attempting to steal credit for your work. Therefore, exercise caution in choosing whom to confide in, as the source of betrayal may be unexpected. This tarot card can also imply that you may need to plan strategically to complete your duties, especially if others possess more resources or occupy more influential positions than you, making you the underdog. Utilizing tact in handling the situation may prove advantageous.

Upright Seven of Swords: Finances

It's important to exercise caution with your finances at the moment, as there is a possibility of encountering fraud, deceit, or theft of your resources. These threats may originate externally, but you could also be creating vulnerabilities by pursuing get-rich-quick schemes or gambling on dubious ventures. To avoid falling victim to such risks, steer clear of anything that seems suspicious or overly promising.

Meaning of Reversed Seven of Swords

The meaning of the Seven of Swords reversed in a reading can vary depending on the context and other cards present. One possible interpretation is that you may need to reconsider your approach as your current tactics are not yielding desired results. Unlike its upright position, which may indicate a cunning triumph achieved through dishonesty and betrayal, the reversed Seven of Swords could suggest a more extreme manifestation of such conduct, or even a moral awakening.

Reversed Seven of Swords: Love

The reversed Seven of Swords tarot card in a love reading can suggest an end to deception and falsehood. Eventually, dishonesty will be exposed, and this card indicates that the truth will be revealed soon. If you're the one deceiving, it's better to come clean and take responsibility for any wrongdoing. Dishonesty is burdensome and can cause anxiety from the constant fear of being caught. Those seeking love may find it beneficial to drop any façades or games they're playing. This can ultimately lead to greater fulfillment than pretending to be someone you're not just to find love.

Reversed Seven of Swords: Career

As the truth is revealed, those who have been acting dishonestly may find themselves exposed and facing the consequences of their actions. Whether you are the victim of deception or the perpetrator of injustice, feelings of guilt and shame can prompt the wrongdoer to confess and seek to make things right. If you take responsibility, make reparations, and address any resulting issues, forgiveness may be possible. However, in some cases, accountability may not be publicized, and the situation may worsen. It is important to remember that a person's character will ultimately shape their future, despite any setbacks or disappointments.

Reversed Seven of Swords: Finances

Receiving this tarot card during a finance-related tarot card reading implies a cautionary message regarding dishonest behavior, and it could be a more potent indication that you may fall prey to theft, burglary, or fraud. Additionally, it could be a warning that if you have been dishonest or deceitful in your financial transactions, you might face exposure, leading you to confess. The reality is gradually unveiling, and individuals who have not maintained ethical standards may face negative consequences.


The card signifies a newfound sense of hope and self-assurance, indicating that the worst is likely behind you. Success is still within reach if your plans and confidence stem from a thorough understanding of the circumstances. However, it's important to remain cautious of becoming overly confident and refrain from bluffing.

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