Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups represents imagination, the power of choice, wishful thinking, illusion, and fantasy. On the card, a person is depicted with their back turned towards us, gazing at seven images that are emerging from cups and hovering in the clouds. Clouds symbolize dreams, illusions, thoughts, and imagination. The various fantasies that appear from the cups signify the many visions one experiences while dreaming. The Seven of Cups suggests that you have several options to consider and choose from.


Meaning of Upright Seven of Cups

This tarot card presents numerous possibilities and options that are available to you. It grants you the authority to make choices regarding the things you desire in your life. You can opt for love, wisdom, or sensual pleasures, as well as choose between a grand house, luxurious decorations, success and triumph, or self-gratification. This card stimulates your imagination and empowers you to manifest your dreams into reality. Its compelling imagery is incredibly potent, and the most remarkable aspect is that you have the ability to transform your life. This is a dynamic card that signifies progress, so your fantasies and aspirations will likely materialize.

Upright Seven of Cups: Love

When the Seven of Cups appears in a love tarot reading, you will be faced with several decisions. If you are single, you may have to choose between different potential partners or decide between love and family or career. The love meaning of the 7 of Cups tarot card suggests that while all the options may appear tempting, they could be deceptive illusions. It is important to take your time, communicate diligently, and carefully evaluate all the choices to achieve your desired outcome. Rushing into a situation based on lust or infatuation may lead to a relationship that won't last in the long run. Therefore, it's essential to consider all the options and pay attention to any red flags or instincts that suggest something is wrong in the relationship.

Upright Seven of Cups: Career

If the Seven of Cups appears upright in a tarot reading, it suggests that you have the potential to explore fresh job or business prospects. While these possibilities might seem daunting, it's important to consider them carefully before making a decision. However, it's crucial not to get too caught up in analyzing every possibility and neglect taking actionable steps towards your goals. Keep your focus on achieving your aspirations while weighing your options wisely.

Upright Seven of Cups: Finances

In finances, the Seven of Cups in an upright position signifies that you will encounter numerous prospects to earn money in the upcoming days. Additionally, this card suggests that you may receive financial gain from various origins. However, it's important to note that the nature of this card implies the need for careful consideration and seeking advice before making any investment decisions, in order to make an informed and prudent choice.

Meaning of Reversed Seven of Cups

If the Seven of Cups is reversed, it may suggest that you are about to break free from an illusory realm. Your ability to make firm decisions is getting better, and you are now able to see things with clarity. As you are grounded in reality, you feel more self-assured about making choices. Regardless of the number of options available to you, what really counts is that you have a clear vision, tangible objectives, and confidence in your capacity to achieve your aspirations rather than just fantasize about them. This is where the actual work begins, and you begin to take steps forward.

Reversed Seven of Cups: Love

The reversed Seven of Cups indicates a moment of realization about the state of your relationships. It could mean that there are unresolved issues that have been ignored or overlooked, and these issues may be the cause of your relationship's possible end. This is a critical period to focus on improving your relationship if you want to prevent a breakup from happening. If you believe that your partner is worth keeping, it's time to put in the effort to make things work. However, it's important to acknowledge that relationships require effort and hard work, and it's time to move away from the idealized notion of a perfect romance.

Reversed Seven of Cups: Career

The upright seven of cups symbolizes a wide range of choices, whereas the reversed seven implies the opposite. It is often associated with individuals who feel stuck in their current job with no possibilities for advancement. It is also typical for those who think they missed out on the perfect job opportunity due to their failure to act in a timely manner. Regardless of whether one or both of these scenarios apply to you, it's crucial not to dwell on negative emotions. This card also represents a clear vision of your career objectives. Utilize this insight to evaluate your job situation and identify areas where you could improve. Ask yourself how you can be more proactive in advancing your career.

Reversed Seven of Cups: Finances

To maintain a decent lifestyle in the future, it is important to have a substantial amount of cash in the financial realm. Additionally, the appearance of the reversed Seven of Cups suggests that there may be fewer expenses, presenting a chance to save money. Overall, this card is encouraging you to reassess your financial situation and consider investing rather than spending, which is the reason behind the limited choices presented by the card.


The Seven of Cups represents the concept of wishful thinking, opportunities, and illusions. It emphasizes the importance of taking concrete steps towards achieving your goals rather than merely indulging in idle daydreams. When the card appears in the reversed position, it signifies that you have gained a better understanding of your situation and are now able to see things more clearly. It encourages you to leverage this newfound clarity to forge a path towards success.

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