Queen of Swords

Seated atop her throne, the Queen of Swords dons a stern expression as she gazes off into the distance. As a representative of the air element, which is symbolized by the swords, her lofty position in the clouds suggests that she cannot be easily deceived. Her right hand brandishes a sword pointed towards the sky, while her left hand extends as if offering something. By bestowing upon us the gift of sound judgement in our daily choices and the openness to absorb knowledge from others, the Queen of Swords is a wise and valuable guide.

Meaning of Upright Queen of Swords

The archetype of the Queen of Swords represents an elderly woman in your life who will come to your aid and protect you during moments of vulnerability. This symbolic figure embodies qualities of intelligence, humor, sincerity, truthfulness, and candor. This card from the Minor Arcana signifies being practical, insightful, and questioning. It may also indicate receiving constructive feedback from someone, which warrants your attention. Additionally, it connotes independence and a willingness to consider new perspectives.

Upright Queen of Swords: Love

The Queen of Swords characterizes an individual who may tend to be solitary, carefully selecting those in her inner circle. With a keen intellect and resolute demeanor, she may appear intimidating to those unfamiliar with her. While she is capable of deep affection and loyalty, grand romantic gestures may not be her preference. For those seeking to capture her heart, patience is crucial as she is not easily swayed. If not a representation of a person, the Queen of Swords tarot love meaning may indicate a time when one desires both independence and self-sufficiency in their partnership. This queen values her individuality and personal space, necessitating the creation of clear boundaries in the relationship.

Upright Queen of Swords: Career

During a career tarot card reading session, the Queen of Swords indicates that an experienced and reliable older woman at your workplace may offer you assistance, guidance, or constructive feedback. It would be wise to model her behavior as she is regarded as classy, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and competent. The Minor Arcana card also represents effective communication, which suggests that you will be able to convey your ideas and thoughts with ease. When this card appears in your Tarot spread, your colleagues will value your honesty and integrity.

Upright Queen of Swords: Finances

At present, it is important to exhibit prudence, rationality and sagacity while handling financial affairs. It is advisable to maintain a harmonious equilibrium between your emotions and rationality. If someone solicits your aid with their financial predicament, it is imperative to approach the matter impartially and assess it from both your and their perspectives. This approach generally enables you to offer aid within defined boundaries, such as by drafting a contract or a repayment schedule and establishing regulations. Additionally, this queen is astute and observant, attending to every detail. Therefore, it is crucial to possess a clear comprehension of your financial state.

Meaning of Reversed Queen of Swords

The reversed Queen of Swords could indicate an inability to let go of past grievances and using them to harm those in your vicinity. Additionally, the presence of an older or more experienced woman in your life may lead to the spreading of unfavorable rumors or overly critical behavior towards you. This card may also signify a lack of autonomy and a dependence on others, as well as feelings of confinement or the absence of the desired freedom. Furthermore, the card can be interpreted as representing infertility or a cold and distant mother, or even a malevolent stepmother.

Reversed Queen of Swords: Love

An individual embodying the reversed Queen of Swords archetype may exhibit bitterness, manipulative tendencies, excessive criticism, and even cruelty. Such a person could either represent yourself or your partner in the present moment, or alternatively, an external influence seeking to disrupt the relationship. It's possible that this individual's unpleasant behavior is a result of past traumatic experiences. If your partner displays these traits, it could be an indication of unresolved trauma resurfacing. For those who are single, it's plausible that a recent breakup has left them feeling resentful and unwilling to forgive. It's important to recognize the toxicity of such feelings and utilize personal experiences to overcome them rather than being consumed by them.

Reversed Queen of Swords: Career

Do you suspect that a colleague might be bearing a grudge against you? The reversed Queen of Swords card suggests the possibility of encountering someone who tends to be excessively critical and inflicts emotional pain through their words and intelligence. They may come across as harsh and even cruel in their communication style. In case you are the one who fits this description, it may be helpful to develop better communication skills. Can you express yourself honestly while also showing sensitivity towards others' emotions? Is it possible to voice your concerns regarding a project without placing blame on someone? Such changes can enhance your ability to convey your ideas effectively to others. It is advisable to avoid being overly pessimistic.

Reversed Queen of Swords: Finances

If the Queen of Swords appears in your financial reading, it indicates that you should be wary of receiving unsound financial advice from an older woman who may have dishonest or malevolent intentions. The card's indication of poor or miscommunication could lead to financial losses, which may already be affecting you due to previous financial miscommunications. Additionally, it's possible that you may not have a clear understanding of your financial situation. You may have overspent or donated more than you could afford or lent money to a friend or family member who has yet to repay you.


Queen of Swords is a powerful and influential figure who embodies the qualities of intelligence, clarity, and honesty. She encourages us to think critically, communicate clearly, and be true to ourselves in all situations.

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