Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands is depicted atop his horse, which is reared up and poised for action. Based on the knight's attire and his horse's appearance, it is evident that he is fully prepared for what lies ahead. His metal armor is adorned with a yellow patterned shirt, and he is wearing a helmet with a red plume protruding from it. Although he appears ready for battle, he holds a large wand instead of a sword. His mount is an orange color with a mane that appears as though it is made of flames. The knight's expression shows his determination to succeed in his mission. Fire plays a significant role in the Knight of Wands' symbolism, as evidenced by the decorative tassels on his arms and back, as well as the horse's mane, all of which are colored like flames. The knight is also wearing a yellow shirt featuring the fiery salamander symbol.


Meaning of Upright Knight of Wands

The upright position of the Knight of Wands tarot card suggests that you are now taking action on the idea that was revealed to you through the Page of Wands. This is the opportune moment to put your plans into motion and bring your concept to life. The card's appearance reflects the strong and energetic motivation you possess, which you can utilize to drive you forward.

Upright Knight of Wands: Love

The Knight of Wands tarot love meaning suggests the arrival of a vivacious and audacious individual in your romantic life. This person is likely to possess charisma and intense fervor, but their impetuous and unpredictable behavior may make it challenging for them to commit to a long-term relationship. Alternatively, this card could indicate a thrilling yet unpredictable phase in your love life, where you're more inclined to take chances and embrace adventures without fearing rejection. This period could bring significant rewards if you're willing to take risks.

Upright Knight of Wands: Career

The appearance of the Knight of Wands in a tarot card reading suggests a promising beginning, characterized by enthusiasm and positivity. If this card appears in an upright position during a career reading, it can be interpreted as a positive indication to commence the new project that you have been contemplating. You may have spent considerable time strategizing and planning the project, yet hesitated about the appropriate time to initiate it. Therefore, the appearance of this card can be perceived as a signal to proceed with your plans, as the timing seems favorable.

Upright Knight of Wands: Finances

Get ready to have a great experience as the Knight of Wands in the upright position is a positive sign for finances and monetary gain. This tarot card suggests that you will soon receive a substantial amount of money, which will boost your spirits and vitality. According to the reading, now is the ideal time to splurge on a delightful trip or a lavish vacation. While you may consider saving or investing the newfound funds for a profitable return, this card encourages you to enjoy your financial abundance to the fullest.

Meaning of Reversed Knight of Wands

The reversed Knight of Wands appears to signify a strong creative drive and passion for life. This card indicates that you are enthusiastic about a new project that you have recently embarked upon. Your main goal is not to attain enormous success with this project, but rather to derive pleasure from the process of working on it. For example, if you have taken up painting, your intention is not to become a famous artist, but to explore the ancient art form and benefit from its therapeutic effects. You have recently experienced a surge of energy that has ignited your passion and you are eager to channel it towards advancing your project.

Reversed Knight of Wands: Love

It's possible that you or someone close to you is avoiding commitment at the moment. In the context of love, the reversed Knight of Wands tarot card suggests impatience, instability, and impulsiveness. This individual might pursue their heart's desires passionately one moment, but change their mind just as quickly after obtaining them. They may enjoy the excitement of romance but not necessarily the consistency and stability that comes with it. If you're currently in a relationship, you may notice that things feel unstable, but external factors could also be contributing to this. It's easier to argue and start conflicts at this time.

Reversed Knight of Wands: Career

When the Knight of Wands is reversed, it suggests a sense of being adrift. This card implies that you are grappling with finding your desired career path, and have been feeling aimless for some time. You may be jumping from one job to another or switching professions too frequently due to uncertainty about your aspirations. Even if you have ideas or a particular profession in mind, you may be struggling to determine the correct course of action to pursue them without sufficient guidance.

Reversed Knight of Wands: Finances

When we possess money, it is common to become overconfident. If the reversed knight of wands appears, this tendency might be stronger at present. Despite feeling financially secure, it is unwise to spend recklessly or make significant purchases, especially when it comes to investments. Additionally, the reversed knight of wands may indicate the occurrence of a loss, which may be inevitable in some cases. To avoid exacerbating this situation, refrain from thoughtless spending or gambling, as it could lead to greater than anticipated losses. Thus, exercising increased caution is recommended during this time.


The Knight of Wands holds a dual role, being able to act as a positive omen or a cautionary signal. Whereas the Page of Wands typically signifies the start of a transition or fresh venture, the Knight of Wands represents the actualization of that shift or innovation.

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