Four of Wands

In the Four of Wands tarot card, a crystal-tipped wreath is tied between four wands, under which a couple dances amidst a canopy of flowers reminiscent of a traditional Jewish ceremony. The card appears to depict a celebratory event or welcome committee for the couple, conveying a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that comes with achieving a goal. The image suggests a joyous and rewarding time.


Meaning of Upright Four of Wands

The upright four of wands signifies a peaceful and harmonious family atmosphere, implying success and rejoicing in happiness. Numerologically, the number four symbolizes a sturdy foundation and dependability for oneself and one's surroundings, especially a period of joy and prosperity. When this Minor Arcana card appears in a tarot reading, it suggests an opportune time to plan and spend time with family, potentially leading to a family reunion. Whether it means returning home after an extended period of time away from family or receiving a visit from close friends and family, the result is a sense of joy and connectedness.

Upright Four of Wands: Love

The Four of Wands tarot card represents family, reunions, and festivities. In the realm of love, it signifies the possibility of engagements, marriages, or other events that celebrate your relationship. If your relationship is already stable and based on trust, support, and understanding, involving your loved ones in your celebration can further strengthen your bond. This kind of love is not just between two individuals but is supported by a broader community. Alternatively, if you are currently single, you may discover love in these same communities and events.

Upright Four of Wands: Career

The upright Four of Wands is a tarot card that signifies positive developments in your professional life. It represents achievement and a collaborative mindset, and if this card appears during a career reading, it suggests that your colleagues will provide you with assistance and encouragement. Your work environment will foster a sense of togetherness, and this will have a highly beneficial impact on your emotional wellbeing.

Upright Four of Wands: Finances

You are likely to experience a sense of financial security and stability with the Four of Wands in an upright position. This card suggests that you won't frequently feel anxious about money or expenses, and it also indicates that you will be inclined to spend your wealth on your loved ones voluntarily. This could take the form of buying them gifts, treating them to meals, or hosting celebratory gatherings for them.

Meaning of Reversed Four of Wands

The Four of Wands in a reversed position suggests disharmony or instability in your household or family, in contrast to the balanced and harmonious state reflected by the upright position. This disharmony could be due to tension among family members or loved ones. When you've accomplished something important and expect to be welcomed with celebration at home, a lack of support could leave you feeling uncertain about your relationships and what you can depend on.

Reversed Four of Wands: Love

Your family and romantic life may be conflicting currently, with the Four of Wands tarot love meaning indicating that there could be some incompatibilities between your partner or your approach to love and your larger social circle of friends and family. This card can also represent a fear of taking the next steps in deepening your commitment to your partner on a more public level. While binding yourself with another person can be both rewarding and terrifying, these emotions may stem from more than just cold feet, and only you can determine their true source.

Reversed Four of Wands: Career

When the four of wands is reversed, its typically convivial nature is inverted, which may lead to difficulties in forming or maintaining relationships at work. This may manifest as a general sense of tension or an acute moment of conflict in the workplace, such as an upcoming office event that is likely to have a negative impact on team cohesion. If there are no specific issues in your work environment, the card may be indicating a general unfriendliness or harshness in the office atmosphere. As a result, it is important to be mindful of potential rude behaviors from colleagues and to be aware of any negative behaviors you may exhibit yourself.

Reversed Four of Wands: Finances

The reversed Four of Wands does not align with your current financial situation. You may experience or are already experiencing the negative impact of unfavorable economic circumstances, which could largely be attributed to your relationships. Your family responsibilities are overwhelming and burdensome, causing you to struggle with managing your finances. Excessive spending on your family is taking a toll on your bank account, to the point where it's becoming increasingly challenging to make ends meet.


The Four of Wands typically represents a state of prosperity, happiness, and harmony, suggesting that any challenges have been resolved in the best possible manner. It can be a great relief to move on from a difficult period, and the card often signifies a sense of ease and relaxation. Overall, the Tarot's Four of Wands points towards contentment and balance in both personal and professional affairs, as well as enjoyable social experiences.

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