Four of Pentacles

In the  Four of Pentacles, it portrays a man seated on a stool, tightly gripping two pentacles in a defensive posture, as if guarding them against potential loss. He holds one pentacle firmly in his hands while the other balances precariously on his head, and two more lie securely beneath his feet. The man appears to be so preoccupied with holding onto his coins that he is unable to move. This suggests that his attachment to his possessions is inhibiting his ability to take action, illustrating how money may not always lead to freedom.

Meaning of Upright Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles represents the acquisition of material possessions and the struggle to find contentment despite one's wealth. Although money can provide financial security in certain instances, this card suggests that it can also lead to confinement. The fear of losing one's riches can cause suspicion and distance from others, making it difficult to enjoy the freedom that comes with financial stability. The attachment to material possessions can prevent one from spending money on personal pleasure or charitable causes. This card reveals that while money can be a solution to some problems, it can also generate new challenges.

Upright Four of Pentacles: Love

On an emotional level, this card can indicate that there are worries and apprehensions within your relationship. These concerns often center around the matter of control, particularly when it comes to finances. Being in a relationship where financial security is exchanged for loyalty can create an unstable foundation for a long-lasting bond. It can lead to dissatisfaction, a struggle for power, and even resentment if the individual footing the bill feels undervalued. For those who are single, there may be a need for self-protection. To expand your dating opportunities, it may be helpful to lower your guard and avoid being overly suspicious of others' intentions.

Upright Four of Pentacles: Career

With the appearance of the Four of Pentacles in your work spread, it seems that you have finally achieved some stability in your career. However, if you have had trouble finding this stability in the past, or if this is a new job for you, you may still feel somewhat insecure about your position. As a result, you may become overly guarded and uneasy, and even start to feel paranoid. This can be detrimental if taken too far, causing you to struggle with collaboration and teamwork as you become overly protective of your ideas and concerned that others may take credit for your work. While these concerns are valid and should be addressed, it's important not to let them consume you.

Upright Four of Pentacles: Finances

The Four of Pentacles in a Tarot spread typically signifies financial stability and consistency, as well as a desire to protect one's wealth. This may involve saving for future expenses, such as retirement or a big-ticket item like a car or a house. However, it can also indicate a tendency towards materialism, frugality, or greed. If you have recently experienced financial security, you may be inclined to be cautious with your money and work hard to maintain your financial status. The Four of Pentacles can also suggest saving for a specific purpose, such as your child's education or your retirement fund.

Meaning of Reversed Four of Pentacles

By drawing the Four of Pentacles tarot card in reverse, it indicates that you have reached a point where you are ready to release your grip. This opposing interpretation brings a feeling of satisfaction and ease as you come to appreciate the benefits of being generous with your prosperity, relaxing your hold on work and taking pleasure in leisure time, and allowing others to express themselves freely in your presence. Although holding onto control may have given you a sense of security, the newfound freedom you are experiencing now is even more gratifying, and you should feel fortunate to be experiencing it.

Reversed Four of Pentacles: Love

Although fear can often accompany love, you have succeeded in minimizing it and placing more trust in your partner. By giving them the freedom to be themselves and allowing yourself to relax, your relationship will become stronger. If you happen to be single and searching for love, it's important to give yourself the liberty to truly get to know potential partners and not be afraid to be your authentic self. Only by letting others into your life can you truly understand them, and similarly, they can only get to know the real you if you allow them to.

Reversed Four of Pentacles: Career

In a positive professional reading, the reversal of the Four of Pentacles may indicate that you will exhibit kindness towards your colleagues by offering your time and support, engaging in collaborative brainstorming and idea-sharing, and sharing credit for successful projects. However, it is important to consider the other cards in the spread to confirm this interpretation, as the reversed Four of Pentacles can have negative connotations in a work setting. It may signify job loss, the failure of a struggling business, or even bankruptcy. Therefore, if this card appears in your Tarot reading, it is not the right time to take any professional or commercial risks that could result in missed opportunities.

Reversed Four of Pentacles: Finances

The reversed Four of Pentacles may indicate that you are gradually becoming more comfortable with spending money, despite being naturally thrifty. This newfound generosity may involve contributing to charitable causes, assisting loved ones, or investing in higher-quality goods. However, there are also instances when you might act recklessly with your finances, making yourself vulnerable to theft or questionable financial dealings. It is important to stay vigilant in such situations.


The Four of Pentacles is a tarot card that represents themes related to material possessions, stability, and control. It is important to remember that while material possessions can provide temporary security and comfort, true happiness and fulfillment come from within and are not dependent on external factors.

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