Five of Swords

In the Five of Swords card, a young man is portrayed wearing a contemptuous expression on his face while looking at the enemies he has defeated. He holds five swords that he has taken from the defeated combatants who are also present in the card. The two other figures in the card are walking away slowly with a feeling of sadness and defeat. The turbulent and cloudy sky above them suggests that all is not settled, despite the conclusion of the battle.

Meaning of Upright Five of Swords

The Five of Swords typically carries negative connotations as it may suggest defeat, transformation, resignation, or departure. Within the Swords suit of Tarot, this card can imply self-sabotage, dishonest behavior, trickery, and ineffective communication. It may also indicate intense disputes, strain, and a lack of dialogue. Additionally, this Tarot card when upright should be approached with care as it may signal unwanted situations such as hostility, forcefulness, intimidation, and brutality in our lives. However, it can also indicate the necessary steps one must take to confront challenges posed by others, like standing up for oneself and defending oneself.

Upright Five of Swords: Love

The love interpretation of the Five of Swords tarot suggests that unexpected changes and a sense of unease may arise, leading to a tense and demanding atmosphere where arguments and disputes can easily surface. Both you and your partner may experience irritability, and if not handled with care, conflicts can easily escalate. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is important to reflect on your motives and ensure that you are not simply seeking to prove yourself right. Ego clashes may cause unnecessary tension between you and your loved one, although they can also lead to passion in some cases. However, prolonged conflict can be harmful to your relationship.

Upright Five of Swords: Career

Tensions are running high at the workplace, with frequent outbursts of arguments and a palpable sense of animosity. It seems that disputes have become quite volatile and can escalate quickly. You may find yourself in a situation where you have to stand up for yourself or someone else. However, this card also suggests the possibility of self-victimization, implying that your perception of the situation may be causing or exacerbating the conflicts. It is important to be mindful of your actions and their impact on the environment, as defensive behavior can often fuel an aggressive cycle.

Upright Five of Swords: Finances

Currently, you could encounter financial conflicts with your partner, family, or friends, hence you should exercise caution with your finances and avoid relying too much on others. Some individuals may attempt to overcharge you or exploit you. Additionally, this situation may cause a strain on your finances, leading to the need to trim down your luxury expenses.

Meaning of Reversed Five of Swords

In a reading, if the Five of Swords tarot card appears in a reversed position, it may indicate that conflicts and disagreements are reaching a resolution. However, it is unfortunate that this reversed card does not suggest positive or favorable outcomes. In most cases, it implies a deterioration of the situation. While the upright position serves as a warning of potential issues and allows for corrective action, the reversed position warns that negative events have already occurred. It is inevitable to avoid the consequences, and one must face them directly to move forward. The conflicts may intensify, and firm stances may be taken, resulting in irreparable statements. It is essential to be prepared for the dark phase ahead. On the bright side, the experience can be a valuable lesson for personal growth.

Reversed Five of Swords: Love

The Five of Swords in reverse suggests that the difficulties in your relationship may be reaching a conclusion. You may experience a significant conflict or an ultimatum, and the relationship may be irreparable as a result. If your relationship has been progressing in this direction, this is the most probable outcome. However, if your relationship is fairly stable, you will learn valuable lessons about compromise, though it may feel awkward and like you are sacrificing your desires. This is a period of growth, and growth can be uncomfortable. Give yourself permission to feel these emotions completely, and you will gradually adapt to them, gaining a new coping skill in the process.

Reversed Five of Swords: Career

It appears that there may be a positive change in a work environment that was once filled with stress and hostility. The possibility of a resolution is on the horizon as individuals are willing to come to a compromise and engage in open communication once again. However, it's also possible that the opposite is happening, and there is a rise in hostility. If you're dealing with a workplace bully, they may intensify their attacks on you, and you may even face termination. In this case, don't hesitate to speak to your manager or HR, who are responsible for resolving conflicts. It's crucial to ensure that your own behavior isn't contributing to the issue. If you remain calm and professional throughout, you'll be able to overcome the situation.

Reversed Five of Swords: Finances

As you navigate through challenging financial situations or conflicts surrounding money, you may observe that they are gradually resolving and becoming less tense. In a reversed position, this tarot card suggests that individuals who have been attempting to take advantage of you financially could distance themselves from you, or potentially face repercussions for their actions if you have been entangled with them. When interpreting the Five of Swords reversed in a financial context, it signifies that any questionable monetary dealings will come to light, and the responsible party will be held responsible, so conduct yourself with integrity or risk facing the consequences later.


The Five of Swords symbolizes failure or defeat and implies that your plans may crumble, leading to an unhappy or tragic situation and a significant loss. Although the surrounding cards, which depict other events and people, may lessen the impact of the loss, it's clear that you're about to experience a challenging phase, and your best course of action may be to minimize the damage and move forward.

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