Eight of Wands

In the image of the Eight of Wands, one can observe eight staves soaring through the air, giving the impression of blooming wands hurtling at their utmost velocity. The context they traverse portrays a cloudless sky, implying that these wands are likely to reach their intended location without hindrance. The illustration showcases a magnificent terrain, featuring a flowing river that infuses vitality into the scenery. Additionally, the staves seem to be approaching a landing, indicating the conclusion of an extended voyage.


Meaning of Upright Eight of Wands

The upright Eight of Wands signifies the end of the challenges and difficulties highlighted by the Seven of Wands, and heralds a period of liberation and autonomy to advance with your aspirations. This card possesses a great deal of momentum, compelling you to hasten towards your goals and accomplish them with unprecedented swiftness. It suggests that you're about to enter a hectic phase of your life, leaving you with little spare time as you labor diligently towards your future and make remarkable strides.

Upright Eight of Wands: Love

If your love life has become stagnant, you can look forward to experiencing some movement and excitement in the near future. As a single person, you may find that your romantic life suddenly picks up again, perhaps due to a new love interest or a swift development in your existing relationship. It's important to be prepared for this frenzied energy and seize the opportunity. If you are already in a relationship, there may be some pleasant surprises in store that inject some excitement into your dynamic. However, additional cards in the spread will provide more context and information.

Upright Eight of Wands: Career

The eight of wands symbolizes swift actions that can pertain to your professional life, either literally or metaphorically. When this card appears, it could indicate an upcoming business journey, but it may also signify a sense of gratification and accomplishment within yourself as you perceive significant advancements in your career and are progressing at a rapid pace. You might be experiencing a feeling of exceeding your anticipated progress and achieving your desired goals more quickly than expected.

Upright Eight of Wands: Finances

The velocity represented by the eight of wands influences your financial situation in this placement. It may give the impression that money slips away from your grasp as rapidly as it arrived. This inclination is neither inherently advantageous nor disadvantageous. Your success during this period is contingent on your aptitude to recall the precise amount that you received and expended. Despite the allure to indulge in impulsive purchases, caution is advised if this card appears. The age-old proverb "easy come, easy go" may be worth keeping in mind for the immediate future.

Meaning of Reversed Eight of Wands

If the reversed Eight of Wands appears, it is a warning to exercise caution and take time for reflection before proceeding. Although you may have a plan in place, this card suggests that there may be errors or disagreements within your plan that could have significant consequences if ignored. While it is commendable to be decisive, it is advisable to pause and consider your options before acting impulsively. Hastiness may lead to unfavorable outcomes, or you may find yourself pursuing endeavors with little significance while neglecting more important priorities.

Reversed Eight of Wands: Love

If the eight of wands appears upside down in a tarot card reading about love and relationships, it suggests a possibility of misinterpretation and miscommunication with your partner. This can apply even if you're not currently in a relationship, as your interactions with close friends and family may be affected by a lack of clarity in communication. It's important to be mindful of how your words and actions could be perceived by others, and to take the time to evaluate their potential impact before speaking or acting impulsively.

Reversed Eight of Wands: Career

When the Eight of Wands Minor Arcana tarot card is reversed in a career reading, there are two possible interpretations. The first is that you may be experiencing a sense of stagnation in your job, which can be frustrating as your current role is not igniting your passion or motivation to work. This feeling may stem from missed opportunities in the past that you failed to take advantage of, leaving you feeling regretful. On the other hand, if this is not the case, the card could indicate that you are moving too quickly. Perhaps you have been promoted to a position of authority that you don't feel adequately prepared for, resulting in feelings of being overwhelmed with sudden responsibilities that require significant attention and focus.

Reversed Eight of Wands: Finances

The presence of the Eight of Wands suggests that you may be experiencing frustration regarding the pace at which money is entering your life. It's possible that you feel there isn't enough money coming in or that it should be coming in more quickly. The primary message conveyed by this card is that you should exercise patience and recognize that all of your efforts contribute to your gradual progress. Even though your current investments may be aggravating, they will eventually yield positive results. If your job doesn't offer the level of compensation you desire, it could be that you're still paying your dues. While it may take some time, eventually you may obtain the job and income you desire, but for now, it's important to be patient.


Eight of Wands can indicate changes are happening or about to happen rapidly. These changes may relate to various aspects of your life, such as work, relationships, or personal development. The card signifies that you need to be prepared for these changes and embrace them with an open mind, as they are likely to bring about positive outcomes in the long run.

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