Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords depicts a bound and blindfolded woman surrounded by eight swords placed in a strategic way that confines her movement. Although there are some gaps in the sword arrangement that could enable her to escape, the blindfold prevents her from seeing them. The barren land around her may suggest a lack of creativity, while the grey sky in the background implies a sense of despair as she feels trapped and hopeless. Removing her blindfold would enable her to see that she could easily walk out of this situation. It appears that the trap was hastily built, and the woman's confinement may not be entirely secure.

Meaning of Upright Eight of Swords

In a general sense, the Eight of Swords indicates a feeling of being trapped, restricted, or helpless. It is a card from the Suit of Swords, which is associated with feelings of despair, hopelessness, and being oppressed or silenced. Psychological distress, fear, and horror may also be suggested. If this card appears, you may be facing a difficult situation, feeling stressed, or caught up in drama. However, the primary message of this card is that your negative thoughts and fear have contributed to your current predicament.

Upright Eight of Swords: Love

In a love tarot reading, the appearance of the Eight of Swords could signify a sense of being trapped in a relationship or a stagnant partnership that you feel unable to escape. Despite feeling like you have no options, it's important to consider the bigger picture, as there may be more possibilities available to you than you realize. Fear of communicating boundaries or asserting yourself can limit your potential for change. Taking action and being in control are necessary for achieving freedom, rather than relying on passivity. If you're single, this card could indicate that you're not actively seeking out new romantic opportunities, and instead hoping that someone will come along and sweep you off your feet, which may not lead to successful results.

Upright Eight of Swords: Career

In a career Tarot reading, the presence of the Eight of Swords suggests that you perceive limitations and restrictions within your job or current career position. Although you may currently feel powerless, confused, and stuck with no way out, remember that you hold the power to shape your own destiny. If you are truly dissatisfied with your current situation, you possess the capability to change it. Even if your job is not what you had hoped for, leaving it may not be a viable option as it may be your primary source of income.

Upright Eight of Swords: Finances

The financial Tarot spread featuring the Eight of Swords implies that you are experiencing a sense of limitation or confinement due to your current financial situation. However, it's important to note that this feeling is primarily a result of your own anxiety, rather than an accurate reflection of your circumstances. To increase your income, it's necessary to think creatively and explore unconventional options. It's essential to avoid succumbing to fear and recognize that there are solutions available to achieve your financial goals. 

Meaning of Reversed Eight of Swords

The reversed Eight of Swords can indicate a sense of liberation, freedom, and the discovery of new possibilities and solutions. It represents the release of tension, the ability to let go of worry, and the courage to confront fears and realities. In its reversed position, this Minor Arcana card symbolizes self-assurance, the ability to ignore criticism, resist abuse, and regain personal authority. If this card appears in a reading, it may suggest that you are feeling hopeful, enlightened, confident, and empowered. You may also be ready to heal, seek help, and overcome obstacles. Additionally, this card could indicate being released from confinement or serving one's sentence.

Reversed Eight of Swords: Love

Upon removing the blindfold, carefully examine your love life with clarity. The interpretation of the Eight of Swords tarot card in the context of love indicates a shift in your perspective, as you now possess a clearer and more objective understanding of your relationship. This newfound clarity may alleviate any worries or concerns, enabling you to discern what actions are necessary to enhance your happiness in your romantic life. If you are currently unattached, you may be more inclined to take control of your love life. The fears and anxieties that once impeded your pursuit of romance can be overcome.

Reversed Eight of Swords: Career

After a prolonged period of time, you have finally found relief from the anxiety you were experiencing regarding your career. As a result, things may feel less difficult, and your perspective is now less clouded by stress or fear. The appearance of this card may indicate that you have achieved a new job or position that enables you to fulfill your full potential. Conversely, if the Eight of Swords appears reversed, it may indicate the opposite. You may have lost all hope and accepted that your current path is your only option, which could make every day a struggle. It's important to remember that you possess the ability to make changes in your life, but only if you remain open to all possibilities and refuse to allow fear to control you. No one but yourself can save you.

Reversed Eight of Swords: Finances

In a tarot card reading session, if the Eight of Swords card is reversed, it can indicate two possible scenarios. Firstly, it could signify that you have successfully released yourself from financial fears and anxieties and have achieved a healthier mental state. Alternatively, it could suggest that you have become more deeply entrenched in your uneasiness. If your finances are currently stable, it may be beneficial to set aside some funds for unexpected emergencies to enhance your sense of security. The extent of your financial worries may have either lessened or intensified if the reversed Eight of Swords appears.


The Eight of Swords may suggest that you feel limited in your options or that you are afraid to take action because you fear the consequences. However, it is important to remember that the swords around you are not actually trapping you - you have the power to remove the blindfold and free yourself from the mental constraints that are holding you back.

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