Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups  portrays a man leaving behind 8 golden cups and walking towards an unproductive land. He has spent a considerable amount of time amassing these cups, but now he is seeking a deeper meaning in life. His motivation to explore new avenues may stem from dissatisfaction or monotony with his current pursuits. In addition to seeking the thrill of the unknown, the man in this card is also on a quest for personal growth. The barren, mountainous terrain he is headed towards represents potential challenges that lie ahead. The card also suggests a desire for self-improvement by breaking away from external influences.


Meaning of Upright Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups represents a shift from present situations or relinquishing previous plans, leading to transitional periods that may bring feelings of solitude and sorrow. This card highlights the need for resilience and bravery to confront challenges during times of transition. Despite being pushed out of your comfort zone, you will embark on an uncharted path towards a brighter future. Staying put at a dead end is not an option, and it is essential to leave the familiar behind to seek new and better opportunities. This card acknowledges the emotional burden that comes with change and the necessary steps to navigate it and move towards a more positive outcome.

Upright Eight of Cups: Love

The Eight of Cups is regarded as an unfavorable sign for relationships, indicating the possibility of abandonment or the dissolution of commitments. It may also suggest a sense of hopelessness in the current relationship and the need to let go. However, it is crucial to bear in mind that this does not signify the end of love but rather a shift in direction. It is crucial not to allow oneself to be deterred from loving again. For individuals who are single, this card indicates that the current approach to love is not fruitful. It may imply that either the person they are interested in does not reciprocate their feelings or they are finding it difficult to connect with someone compatible.

Upright Eight of Cups: Career

The appearance of the eight of cups during a career tarot reading can indicate various scenarios. As the card generally signifies letting go and moving away, it could be as straightforward as taking time off work for a break or as stressful as quitting a dissatisfying job. If you've been feeling particularly drained from work lately, a short escape may rejuvenate your energy. If you're contemplating leaving your current job, it's essential to recognize when it's time to cut your losses and seek new opportunities. If you possess the ability to make wise choices and maximize any circumstance, it can guide you towards better situations and help you exit unfavorable ones.

Upright Eight of Cups: Finances

At times, in order to make suitable decisions for ourselves, we may have to abandon what we have established. The Eight of Cups implies that you might need to relinquish some of your financial stability to construct a life that aligns with your aspirations. View this as an opportunity to evaluate your finances prior to taking a major step. Monitor your expenses and where your money goes, and exercise prudence when it comes to significant expenses at present. You may discover that you do not have as much money as you assume. This card could serve as a cautionary signal to prepare for the future.

Meaning of Reversed Eight of Cups

When the Eight of Cups is reversed, it suggests a phase of stagnancy in one's life. This card signifies that you are embracing and holding onto the negative aspects of your life, and are hesitant to let them go. You may be apprehensive about facing the unpredictability of life, which is causing you to resist any unfavorable circumstances.

Reversed Eight of Cups: Love

If the reversed Eight of Cups tarot love meaning appears, it may indicate that your intuition is urging you to end your current relationship, but there might be something holding you back. It is crucial to explore this feeling and question any underlying fears. While it can be challenging to let go of all the time, emotions, and energy invested in a relationship, sometimes it is wise to walk away from something that no longer works. You need to determine whether the desire to leave comes from a genuine realization that the relationship has run its course or if it still has the potential to be salvaged. Take some time to clear your mind and address any obstacles that might be preventing you from moving forward.

Reversed Eight of Cups: Career

If the eight of cups appears in reverse, it may indicate that you are struggling to let go of something due to fear. This could be related to feeling unsatisfied with your career and realizing that you have the ability to make changes. You have the option of either staying in a job that offers no personal fulfillment, creative expression, or room for advancement, or taking the necessary steps to seek new opportunities elsewhere. Remember that it's okay to leave behind things that no longer serve you, even if you own a business or have a job that you feel obligated or afraid to leave. This message is particularly relevant for those who run their own businesses. If you find yourself clinging to your current position out of duty or anxiety, now is the time to release it.

Reversed Eight of Cups: Finances

The reversed Eight of Cups suggests that you may feel insecure or fearful about leaving your current financial safety net and not finding something worthwhile. Currently, it appears that your income is not commensurate with the effort you put in. Despite investing a lot of energy and time into your job or income source, the returns are insufficient to support your lifestyle. Your best course of action is to find a new opportunity that will provide you with the same benefits. However, the card suggests that you may be reluctant to leave your job because you fear that you may not find a better one. If you leave your current job before you have secured your finances, you may find yourself in a worse situation.


The Eight of Cups symbolizes a phase of transformation or alteration during which one must let go of unfavorable circumstances and undesirable individuals. This card carries a predominantly pessimistic tone, suggesting that its appearance in a reading implies a sense of timidity and resistance to change, leading one to endure negative experiences and influences in their life.

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